The Wild Eye Mara Camp

“Enkishui”, the Masai term for “life” and the very appropriate title we have given to the location of the Wild Eye Mara Camp which flanks one of the greatest rivers in Africa, the Mara. This seasonal camp is open from July through until the end of November and accommodates a maximum of just 12 guests […]

About Wild Eye

History Established in 2012, Jono Buffey, Gerry van der Walt and Andrew Beck set out with the intention to refresh the photographic travel and private guiding industries by focusing on providing a professional service that is both fun and relaxed, whilst ensuring guests enjoy amazing travel experiences and world class service. From the most humble […]

Behind The Frame Episode 28

The behind the frame series takes RAW wildlife images, works through the technical specifications of the image and then looks at how the image is edited in Lightroom. In this episode Andrew takes us through the edits applied to an image of a Western Lowland Gorilla taken in The Republic of The Congo. Andrew Beck

Why choose a photographic safari?

What is the difference between a safari and a photographic safari? and why should you choose a photographic safari? To many the mere words ''Photo Safari'' can be quite intimidating and automatically off putting if the individual isn't photographically inclined. If you are one of those individuals, I hope that this blog puts your mind [...]

My Top Ten Favorite Travel Apps

The way we travel has changed and I cannot imagine how I would do what I do now without my iPhone. In this new video I share my ten favorite applications that I use when I travel.  You’ll see I didn’t include any social media apps as, nice and awesome as they are, they don’t […]

Frame Rate! Frame Rate! Frame Rate!

The Canon 1Dx – frame rate – 14 frames per second. The Canon 5Diii – frame rate – 6 frames per second.   May times out in the field have I heard my guests say, “I wish I had a faster frame rate”. Why?! - is what I ask myself... Before I move on, I will [...]

Growing As A Photographer

Something that I have found that comes up quite often lately is, how do I grow as a photographer? How do I become a better photographer? Well, there is no set in stone, stock standard way to get better. There are multiple ways for one to improve on your skills and to learn new techniques […]

The Kopjes of the Serengeti – A Wildlife Photographers Paradise

kopje (n) Pronounced: kop·je  \ ˈkä-pē \ Variants: koppie, kopjie Definition: a small usually rocky hill especially on the African veld For Photographers:  the EXACT kind of elevated feature that you would like to photograph predators such as lions, leopards and cheetahs. These granite rock formations were formed when the soft volcanic rock and ash that covers Serengeti were eroded […]

The Pro’s and Cons of using Teleconverters

I shared this post on a recent Instagram story and received a couple of questions from followers asking about the use of converters. The Pro's The most obvious benefit of using a teleconverter on a lens is that it multiplies your focal length - duh. This allows you to transform something like a 400mm lens into [...]

Two Tips That Will Improve Your Photography

Though out recent years DSLR technology has become more readily available and is increasing by the day. Due to this fact, more people have become photography enthusiasts, particularly focusing on wildlife photography. It could just be that they are serious hobbyists or folk building their future hoping to reach professional levels. Who knows? For most […]

The Hwange Lion Conservation safari

Highlights From The Recent Best Of Kenya Adventure

I arrived back in South Africa about two weeks back after one incredible adventure. I have traveled to Kenya many times in the past 2.5 years & these four destinations keep on blowing my mind; Masai Mara Lake Nakuru Lake Naivasha Amboseli   These are the four destinations we visit during our 9 night Best Of […]

Reliving a Special Moment

Why do you take photographs? What is it about photography that you love? I have a very special memory to share with all of you and it happened a few years ago while I was still a full time guide…I thought it is a great opportunity to demonstrate to all of you what photography means [...]

A Memorable Moment In Mana Pools

A couple of years back, I went on holiday to Mana pools with my wife and two close friends. This was during the time that I was still working at Londolozi. After hearing some of the other individual’s stories about Mana Pools, it didn’t take much to persuade us to make the journey to Mana [...]

How to Photograph Stars

I've always been of the belief that the more you know the better it gets and that goes for a photo safari or trip to the bush as well. Knowing animal behaviour, or having someone with you that does, will make it easier to anticipate the shot.  Knowing how to use your camera, or having [...]

Excited For April Colours In The Amboseli & Lake Nakuru

We all love colours right? I know that I do & if you enjoy photography then you must like colour as well. Why you may ask? I say this because; photography is about light & light is about colour. You also need to understand that this colour affects us as humans emotionally with different colours [...]

How to Photograph A River Crossing

People often think that the more subjects you have to photograph the easier it is.  On the contrary, it's way more difficult and this is never more evident than when trying to photograph thousands upon thousands of wildebeests crossing the Mara River. From a pure visual point of view a river crossing is quite spectacular [...]

The 2018 Mana Pools Adventure Trail: Trip Report

This is a tale of three diverse experiences during a single safari to one of Zimbabwe's iconic National Parks, Mana Pools. Whilst Mana Pools is synonymous with fairytale like Faidherbia forest and open floodplains, there is a whole other side to this place. In fact, the iconic scenes that we are all so familiar with [...]

Desert Wildlife of Namibia: Desert Rhino Camp

Following on from two nights at both Doro Nawas and Damaraland Camps, the third part of our journey will see us flying north to the Palmwag Concession and the Desert Rhino Camp. The scenery is nothing short of spectacular and a 24-70mm lens will help you capture some interesting aerial views of the region. The […]

Desert Adapted Black Rhino of Namibia

As part of our Desert Wildlife of Namibia Safaris we spend 3 nights at the Desert Rhino Camp in the remote and expansive Palmwag Concession focussing on finding and photographing the desert adapted Black rhino. You can get a better idea of what to expect from an experience point of view in this post but […]

Desert Wildlife of Namibia: Doro Nawas and Damarland Camps

Jono and I recently visited Namibia ahead of our  Desert Wildlife of Namibia Safari. Having first hand experience at the camps and regions we visit in all of our itineraries is something we strive for as much as possible and, in this instance, it proved to be imperative. Our experience on this reccie trip led us to […]