Best Of Kenya Trip Report (18 to 27 July 2019)

There is just something mind boggling about this particular adventure. Here is a quote that, to me, fits so well when it comes to the Best Of Kenya Safari; “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein Why or how would this quote fit you may be wondering? […]

#LetLionsLive this World Lion Day

Lions have undergone a catastrophic decline and are on the brink of extinction in all but the largest and best managed national parks. Just over a century ago, there were more than 200,000 wild lions living in Africa. Today, there are only about 20,000; lions are extinct in 26 African countries and have vanished from […]

Some highlights from Mana Pools and Hwange 24 July – 3 August 2019

As the winter months are slowly but surely coming to an end, the vegetation across most of Southern Africa is getting drier and drier.  Recently I had the privilege of visiting both Mana Pools and Hwange National Park and since they have had a very bad summer rainfall (usually between November and March) conditions were [...]

Trip Report: Masai Mara Off Peak Safari 21 to 27 July 2019

The week of the 21st to 27th of July proved yet again that there is simply no “bad time” to be in the Mara. This particular week was split in half by the arrival of Mike and his group of 6 guests who were spending the last 3 nights of their Best of Kenya Safari […]