3 Reasons why I enjoy taking photos with a spotlight

From many past experiences, lots of photographers out there put their camera gear down as soon as the light starts to fade and darkness begins to set in. When it comes to photography, most of us like to stick to our comfort zones and yes this is fine, but what if we want to better ourselves? How do we grow as photographers? How do we increase our skill set? Well, there are many answers to these questions and I am not going to get into a whole long discussion over it. What I would like to write about is one particular type of photography I really enjoy and  discuss why I enjoy it.

3 reasons why I enjoy taking photos while making use of a spotlight:


Yes, trying a new type of photography, or taking images that you know very little about can be very challenging but it can also be rewarding. Spotlight photography is no exception to this. There are so many variables when it comes to photographing at night with the spot light, settings, subject, distance you are from your subject and how bright the light is. How I see it is that it is worth trying, it will be difficult, but consider it high risk, high reward. As with all things in life we learn through trial and error, that is why I always advise guests not to simply delete bad images but to rather use them to better yourself, understand what you could have changed for future opportunities. As photographers, we should always be looking for new opportunities and ways to test our abilities.

Dramatic Mood:

There is just something about an image of a nocturnal animal, in its element that spotlight photography captures perfectly. I think a large part of these images is the intense contrast. There is something to be said about capturing a nocturnal animal, at night, going about its nightly routine. Take lion and leopard for example, viewing them during the day, is a completely different feel to viewing them at night. Viewing them at night gives us a glimpse into how these animals operate. Using a spotlight, whether it is front on, side lit or backlit, it truly showcases the mystery behind these animals and creates a dramatic feel to the image, it shows off what these animals are really all about!

Diverse Portfolio:

It is always good to have a variety of images in your portfolio, whether it be from different destinations, to a variety of images from the same destination and animal. Spot light photography adds a unique part to a portfolio. Its also not a single type of image that can be captured, the use of light in photography is an amazing thing, after all, photography is all about light.

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  1. Mandeep Mistry


    Very interesting read! Thanks for sharing Trev. May I also request you to do an episode on post-processing Spot light images? It’ll be pretty helpful to understand the work-flow and also pick up finer nuances in editing such photos as compared to regular shots taken during the day

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