A Look Into The Darker Side

A few weeks back, prior to an adventure into East Africa's world renowned and now recently named "The Greatest Game Reserve in the World"; the Masai Mara I decided to change things up on my Instagram feed slightly.

Instead of random imagery I decided to put a theme to the week which in this case focused more on Low-Key type of images. Some even may refer to them as being "dark" or "moody".

I had never really processed my work in this way and now that I have, I'm seeing a difference in the way I look at a scene. I have learnt just from trying something "new".

Here is the collection of the low-key images that will take you on a somewhat of a moody journey;


If I did not decide to try this different approach in my processing I would not only never know what I could of created BUT also and probably most importantly, I would never have learnt.

Im going to leave you with this;

  • You never know what you can do until you try and very few try unless they have to.

Until next time;

Happy Snapping



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