A Magical Safari To Umlani

I recently visited one of my favourite camps, Umlani Bush Camp in the Timbavati.

I hosted an amazing guest, Emmie on a 4 night private safari and what am amazing time we had. The weather was a bit tricky at times, but luckily the weather never really interfered with our safaris.

Our plan for the five days at Umlani, well we didn’t have a plan, our plan was to go out and enjoy whatever the bush was willing to show us. Looking back at some of the images, I am amazed at what we got to see and experience, from leopards with their cubs, to lions with their cubs to hours and hours of photographing birds in flight.

It’s not always about the big things on safari, what creates a safari is being able to switch off from the outside world, especially during these times. It is important to sit back and realize how privileged we are to be able to still have these experiences.

Looking at the Timbavati itself, I have never ever seen the bush as lush and green as it was. Generally this would mean that finding game would be a little more difficult, but luck was on our side and we managed to have some pretty phenomenal sightings considering.

Our Guide Greg(my brother – who I get to boss around) did an amazing job in getting us into the right position and going the extra mile in ensuring that we had the very best experience while out in the field.

With the above said, I thought I would give you all an idea of what we saw through the guests lens…

Here are just a few of the incredible shots Emmie managed to capture on our trip (and yes I am jealous about most of them)

Umlani is the perfect camp to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, its rustic yet luxurious feel gives it a feeling of home away from home. The huts are beautifully designed and the staff are extremely friendly.

If you are looking for the perfect get away, especially during this time, I can guarantee you that Umlani won’t disappoint you.


It was a truly amazing safari and I cannot wait to get back out in the field with you Emmie. Thank you for an incredible trip and look forward to the next on SOON!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “A Magical Safari To Umlani

  1. Lion Sightings


    Great article & such a brilliant shots, really enjoy it 🔥🔥

  2. Emmie


    What an amazing time we had! Trevor you are one in a million. Can’t wait for our next trip. The”boeties” were so great fun. The pictures – next level with my teachers help. Thanx once again!!!

  3. Trevor McCall-Peat


    Hi Lion Sightings, Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog, I really appreciate it.

  4. Trevor McCall-Peat


    Hi Emmie, It is always great having you on safari and I cannot wait for our next trip together! Hopefully in the NEAR future. Have a great day

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