A Tribute To Tusker Tim

Tusker Tim has lay to rest for his final time.

I hope this does not come as a shock to you.

By now, I figured that you would of seen multiple posts on the various social platforms? If this news is new to you, sadly it is true. Tusker Tim was one of the last remaining great "tusker" elephant in Kenya and the world for that matter.

I was saddened by the news published earlier this week by the Amboseli Trust for Elephant. They had informed us that this magnificent beast has died at the early age of 50.

Tusker Tim was the perfect example of what an African Elephant should be.

Over the past few days I have spent time looking at my footage of this beautiful animal and this had yet again confirmed something I truly believe in, "There are few African animals that inspire like large elephant" and inspire me he did as I am sure he did for many visitors that were blessed to see him during his time.

In this short video I pay tribute to this impressive animal and by miles to one of the most magnificent creatures I ever got to spend time with.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZW22zwfJ5Q[/embedyt]

As sad as it is, Tusker Tim was only one of over 1600 elephant that roam the wetlands, savannah and woodlands of the Amboseli.

I will be honest, the excitement of the search for Tusker Tim and the pure enjoyment of finding and then spending time with him will definitely be missed but, and this is a big but...

The Amboseli National Park still remains an incredible destination to spend intimate time with wildlife as it is the stomping ground of some of the largest elephant, in body, tusk and herd size in the world.

As it is the main attraction, this protected area is not only home to the African elephant but also herds of Cape buffalo, Maasai giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, impala and gazelle to name a few.

The park is also home to a healthy predator population namely, lion, cheetah, spotted hyena and then a number of smaller carnivorous creatures.

Lastly, the park is a bird enthusiast paradise with more than 420 species have been recorded in the area.

As an all round safari experience, the Amboseli is definitely a great option.

Until next time;

Happy snapping!


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  1. Chau Ho Man


    What is name of the music which used in the short video?

    • Michael Laubscher

      Hello Chau

      Sorry but I cannot recall the name of the track. I downloaded it from Youtube Audio Library.

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