A Very Unique Sighting

A very unique sighting is always high up on everyones wishlist and in all my years of guiding local and foreign guests (9 years) there has been one special moment I have always wished for. Very briefly, this moment involves two animals, a lioness and a cub. This, one of many, wildlife wishes came true late in the month of September 2019 while hosting a group of guests on a Masai Mara Peak Safari.

We had left camp early in the morning and made or way west across the vast grasslands of the Masai Mara, working along the drainage lines in the area. This was our mission as we know of a large lion pride that call this area home and we had received word that this already large pride of 10 lion had recently welcomed some new members to the family.

We had been searching for about an hour with no luck when Jimmy suddenly stopped the vehicle and pointed out a lioness feeding on what is the main meal on the menu for the time of year, a wildebeest.

A Very Unique Sighting | Kenya | Masai Mara | Safari | Travel | Wild Eye

She did not feed too much longer after we found he and started dragging the carcass into a near by drainage. We all thought that this well shaded area will be her retreat for the day but our predictions were very wrong. We noticed her quickly walking south along this drainage towards a large herd of buffalo. She was well fed and so we didn't think hunting was high up on her priorities but tension was high non the less. We eventually lost sight of her as the drainage deepened and so we sat and waited in the area the buffalo were approaching. Sitting there our minds were in wonder, what is this girls plan? Is she planning a hunt? Is she sleeping?

But what we saw emerge after about twenty minutes blew our minds;

A Very Unique Sighting | Kenya | Masai Mara | Safari | Travel | Wild Eye

We finally learnt that she was on a mission to move her cubs out of harms (buffalo) way. This moment was a dream come true for everyone in the sighting and we got to witness this very unique sighting four times.

A Very Unique Sighting | Kenya | Masai Mara | Safari | Travel | Wild Eye

This is definitely a very unique sighting that will remain with me for many years to come and do hope that all of you get to experience something so special one day in the future.

If you have already witnessed a very unique sighting like this one, please feel free to share your story with me via email or in the comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

Until next time;

Happy Snapping

Michael Laubscher

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