Always Be Ready

Always be ready are three words that I cannot stress enough when it comes to wildlife photography.

I say his because the words;

"missed it"

is something I hear quite regularly. In fact, too often.

If I can give you a small bit of advise today, it pays to always be ready.

When I host a group of guests, before wheels turn on every safari I always try make sure my guests are as ready as they can be.

I always make sure that they know where their focal points are & give them a rough “pick up and shoot” setting for the current conditions outside. In doing this, their image success rate increases dramatically. Where ever it is you find yourself photographing, I encourage you to be as prepared as you can be at all times.

Study your subject and their general habits. I wrote a blog a while back;

Two Tips That Will Improve Your Photography

In part two of this blog I wrote about understanding your subject. This is a vital part if you want to be as ready as possible.

If you keep at it you will, in time, constantly remind yourself to be ready and try to always predict the animals next move subconsciously. The more you do it the more accurate your predictions will become as well.

Have a look at this image;

This particular moment took a while to build up but I can assure you we were all ready for it.

We sat with the ladies, who were well fed for a long time before the two Charleston males came running & roaring out of the thickets in front of us.

While sitting there we realised that the tension was quiet high amongst the cats.  The longer we sat the the more the tension seemed to rise. During this time waiting, we predicted that the males are going to attack and/or fight with the females and this is exactly what happened.

Thanks to a simple thought of; "what if they fight", ensured that we all got our settings to what they need to be and managed to capture this violent moment in time.

A prediction will never hurt anyone, so give it a go next time you out in the field. Remember, always be ready and just know, some you win and some you lose but you will never know if you do not try.

Good luck & until next time;

Happy snapping!


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