Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Safari

The Amboseli & Lake Nakuru safari was built around one of our most popular and iconic Kenyan safari itineraries, The Best Of Kenya. This is a ten day, exclusive safari (3 guests max) that affords guests the opportunity to spend a bit more time in two of Kenya’s most popular photographic destinations. You will spend five nights in the incredible Amboseli National Park followed by four nights in the mystical Lake Nauru National Park.

Spending a longer time in one destination allows one to get an idea of the ebb and flow of the wildlife movements and in Amboseli, will also maximise your chances of capturing the iconic image of elephant with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

Lake Nakuru is one of those destinations that lends itself to some incredible photography of both animals in their environment and tight intimate portraits. The diversity and concentration of game here is astounding and you won’t drive for long without seeing something special.

Another exciting reason we packaged the Amboseli & Lake Nakuru safari is that it allows our to experience these incredible reserves in a very different season. This season is the "long rain" season. The rainfall is sometimes heavy and often falls in the afternoons and evenings but the temperature remains high throughout these months of tropical rain.

Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye

Rain is considered a blessing in areas like in the Amboseli & Lake Naluru. Not only because it brings new life but also because with new life comes a flourish of pastel like colours. As the say with extreme conditions come extreme photographic opportunities as you can see above.

Staying on the topic of rain, please do not let the idea of rainfall put you off this safari.. We have perfectly equipped Toyota Land Cruisers that have a pop top roof and big bay windows that can quickly and easily shut.

Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye

So not only are the beautiful colours at this time of year an attraction, the broad diversity the Amboseli & Lake Nakuru adventure offers is quite fascinating both from destination to destination but as well as the diversity within each reserve.

With all the above said, here is a small quote from a previous Amboseli & Lake Nakuru guest;

"I had an absolutely amazing, fantastic experience! There simply are no words to describe the beauty and magic of Kenya! It has stolen my heart! My only hope is that others have the chance experience the same feelings!"
- Sue Bell

Kenya truly is a beautiful and words will never do it justice. This will only be fully understood once experienced.

We can tell you with confidence that on every Amboseli & Lake Nakuru adventure, something happens that you could never of imagined and it will leave you in absolute awe.

Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye


Included in the package:

  • All safari accommodation, all meals, all drinks & snacks while out on game drive/in Wild Eye vehicle.
  • Twice daily game drive activities.
  • Conservation fees.
  • Internal flights (Amboseli to Nairobi) and all road transfers between reserves & Nairobi.

Excluded in package:

  • All drinks at the lodges including bottled water.
  • Laundry
  • Any international flight arriving into & departing from Nairobi.
  • Personal Items
  • VISA costs
  • Gratuities


We often advise guests joining us on the Amboseli & Lake Nakuru adventure to spend a night in Nairobi (Crown Hotel JKIA) the night before the starting date. The reason for this is that allows them to get rid of the travel stress and also because the safari is off to an early start on day one. We can assist you with your pre and post safari accommodation bookings as well as transfers to and from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The areas you will visit during the Best Of Kenya

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is Kenya’s second most popular park and is situated in southern Kenya. The park is best known for its large, big tusked elephant herds and glorious views of the immense Mount Kilimanjaro, across the border in Tanzania.

The landscape of the Amboseli is quiet incredible with five distinct habitats. Year round, green marshes, short grasslands, fever tree thickets, the western section is dominated by the vast dry Lake Amboseli and of course the beautiful wooded foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro. There is a great look out point called Observation Hill which offers panoramas of the mountain peak, the park’s plains and swamps.

Thanks to the divers vegetation in the area the park is home to a large variety of wildlife. Apart form the huge elephant herds you will get to see mammals such as lion, cheetah, spotted hyena, Cape buffalo, Masai giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and hippo to name a few. If you're a birder, the swamps of the Amboseli will be your happy place with over 400 bird species recored in the area.

Again with out a doubt, the Amboseli is also home to some of Africa's (if not the best) sun rises or sun sets, some dawns or evenings in the Amboseli’s vistas can easily make one weep. This is all thanks to the very dusty condition one can experience in the Amboseli.

Roads are usually well maintained and comfy to drive on and thats where you will stay. What is meant by this is that there is no off roading permitted in this park and getting out of the vehicle is only allowed in designated areas.

Weather in the Amboseli in April;

The long rains generally start mid- to late-March. It seldom rains for the entire day, but afternoon showers can be expected. The wettest month is April.

Expect temperatures in the afternoon to reach 28°C/82°F.

Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye

Lake Nakuru

The scenery of Lake Nakuru is just breathtaking. The Rift Valley escarpment, rich topography of hills and grasslands dotted with euphorbia trees, the massive; somewhat mystical fever tree forest that rises up from the lakeshore. Probably one of the most beautiful reserves you will visit during the Best of Kenya. As this reserve is situated just outside the town of Nakruru, it is definitely the smallest reserve you will visit and is only fenced off reserve as it is a sanctuary to protect endangered white and black rhino as well as the Rothschild Giraffe. The reason for these fences are to keep the locals out rather than to restrict the movement of wildlife.

The park’s main feature is a large, shallow lake supporting a large population of birdlife, including big flocks of pelicans, variable flocks of flamingos, cormorants, kingfishers, ostriches, storks as well as herons and eagles. The lake was once famous for its flamingos, however, since 2012, conditions have become unfavorable for these birds and most have moved to other Rift Valley lakes. The scene here is bountiful, busy and full of color.

That’s only the beginning of what this special park has to offer because the wildlife viewing here is easy and accessible. Rhino and giraffe sightings are a guarantee but one has to work a bit harder to find those elusive leopard and tree climbing lion. Other wildlife species include Cape bufallo, zebra, hippo, olive baboon, vervet and colobus monkeys, waterbuck and hyena.

There are several easily attained vantage points from which to enjoy wonderful views of the landscape and especially the lake with its undulating pink population of birdlife.

Though the park is not large in size, a visit to Lake Nakuru will be a very full and colorful safari experience.

Weather in Lake Nakuru in April;

There are many overcast, cloudy days in the wet season but it rarely rains all day. April is indeed the wettest month, but it doesn't rain for long stretches very often.

Temperatures in the afternoon are pleasant at around 27°C/81°F. Early mornings are a bit milder at 11°C/52°F.

Wild Eye - Lake Nakuru


Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge is situated in the heart of the Amboseli which is a big highlight as most of the other lodges are situated outside of the reserve. With Mount Kilimanjaro soaring majestically just beyond the golden, acacia-specked savannah, the safari lodge offers a graceful blend of stark beauty and lavish comfort in the heart of Kenya’s Amboseli National Park.

The hotel has a Maasai-inspired design, a garden restaurant and a palm-shaded swimming pool and sundeck, provides uninterrupted views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the surrounding landscape. In every detail, the ambience captures the essence of Maasai culture, warmth and indomitable spirit. The setting of the lodge is breathtakingly beautiful, the wildlife abundant and the cuisine, hospitality and amenities unrivalled.

The accommodations at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge provide a full immersion into life in the untamed bush. Each room is housed in a single-storey building opening directly onto the grounds, and each reflects a Maasai Manyatta theme with hand-painted wildlife murals, locally inspired furnishings and artefacts, and the brilliant primary colours symbolic of these fabled warriors. Guests enjoy a balance of sophistication, comfort and harmony with nature, relishing the unique pleasure of their very own private corner of Kenya.

With amenities to rival the best safari lodges in Kenya, our 92 rooms and one suite feature complimentary wireless Internet, 24-hour room service and private balconies.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is nestled along the Lion Hill overlooking the spectacular flamingo pink rimmed Lake Nakuru. Its location affords panoramic views of the lake and the picturesque Lake Nakuru National Park.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is cleverly laid out in such a way that most rooms and sitting areas afford stunning views of the lake and the park. The Lodge incorporates natural landscaping with tall acacia trees, winding walkways and greens dotted with bird feeds.

The lodge excels in the freshness and quality of its food which is supported by the lodge’s own vegetable and herb garden. The food quality and standards embody those of the renowned Sarova cuisine brand “Kitchens of Sarova”. All meals are served “al fresco” at the Flamingo Restaurant that offers spectacular views of the lush grounds, the tranquil swimming pool and the breathtaking views of the lake. The restaurant is fitted with elaborate buffet counters unmatched in all lodges and live cooking stations all set to tempt and please your palate. Sarova Lion Hills’ chefs are happy to cater for most special dietary requirements and meal preferences.

The accommodation, beautiful scenery, and cozy atmosphere will bring relaxation to your soul immediately. One can only sit back and enjoy the stunning bedrooms. Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge has 67 luxury chalets, divided into 64 standard rooms and 3 suites. Each with private patios providing a panoramic view of the lake. Ensuite bathrooms, running hot and cold water, razor outlets with 220 and 240 volts, beds with mosquito nets, hair dryer and Tea/coffee making facilities.

Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is presently considered one of the best Great Rift Valley Lodges in Kenya.

Gear Recommendation

As most of the areas you will spend time in are beautiful wide open landscapes as well as some thicker areas, the camera gear you pack may be quiet specific.

We would recommend that you carry at least two camera bodies to eliminate changing lens in dusty environments. Lenses we recommend is one with a focal length of no shorter than 400mm as animals you encounter may be quiet far form off. A great lens for these areas will be a 70-200mm as this is a perfect lens to use to show off the animal in its environment. The use of a wide lens such as a 24-70mm does not come into use often but if you have space, pack it because there may be times where large herds of elephant surround the vehicle and at this point a wider lens may be handy. Make sure you have ample storage may it be if form of multiple memory cards and/or and external hard drive/laptop to store your images on.

Some other equipment to keep in mind;

  • Good quality sunglasses, UV protected, preferably polarised.
  • If you wear contact lenses, we recommend that you bring along a pair of glasses in case you get irritation from the dust.
  • Torch or a head lamp.
  • Personal toiletries (basic amenities are supplied by most establishments).
  • Malaria tablets (if applicable).
  • Antihistamine tablets if you suffer from any allergies.
  • Anti nausea tablets if you suffer from motion sickness.
  • Moisturising cream and suntan lotion, SPF 30 or higher recommended.
  • Lip balm.
  • Insect repellent for body application, e.g. Tabard, Rid,
  • Basic medical kit (aspirins, plasters, Imodium, antiseptic cream and antihistamine cream, etc.)
  • Tissues/Wet Wipes.
  • Visas, tickets, passports, money, insurance details, etc.
  • Waterproof/dustproof bag/showercap or cover for your camera.

 This is why you should join Wild Eye on the Amboseli & Lake Nakuru safari

Wild Eye has been hosting safaris in Kenya since 2011 (9 years) and have been managing our very own camp in the Masai Mara since 2012.

We have East Africa staff that have been with use since day one that manage all the necessary on the ground in Nairobi and respective reserves.

We can tell you with all confidence that we truly understand what a safari through Kenya is all about. From the logistics to accommodation. Throughout the years we have mastered the craft and now provide the best possible safari experience our guests could ever imagine.

By combining the exclusivity of a Wild Eye Kenyan safari experience an

d the passion, knowledge and experience of our team in East Africa, we have taken the Kenyan experience to a whole new level, giving you what we believe is the very Best Of Kenya on offer in.

For more visual information please see the image gallery below;

Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru

Michael Laubscher - Amboseli

Michael Laubscher - Amboseli

Michael Laubscher - Amboseli Michael Laubscher - Amboseli Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg

Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-11 Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Amboseli & Lake Nakuru | Kenya | Safari | Travel Wild Eye Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Michael-Laubscher-Wild-Eye-Amboseli-Lake-Nakuru Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-05 Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-06 Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-07 Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-08 Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-09 Wild Eye - Exclusive Amboseli - Lake Nakuru-10 Amboseli and Lake Nakuru

Thanks again for your time.

Please see the Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Safari link below;

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