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Hello everyone

Today I will be sharing images with you that are related to this blog title.

In photography, we mostly shoot anything that catches our eye but while you're shooting, always remember to plan the shots well in advance. A good start will be to decide on the perfect angle and elements of the particular frame.


In this case we will be displaying the lower angle. PLEASE only practice what you see below if it is 100% safe to do so and I'd recommend doing so while in the presence of a well trained guide.

There are many reasons as to why a lower angle will enhance your photography but I will use one reason here;

  • Diversity

As I host many guests on many safaris each year my eyes are always looking for the something "different" or "unique". I am sure a lot of you will agree with me on this but at some point, images (may it be yours or others) can become very predictable or rather boring to the viewers if there is no change in perspective. So... shooting from a lower angle will help to bring forth some of the diversity needed ones portfolio.

Michael_Laubscher Michael_Laubscher


The following images are the results from the above, "low angle action shots".



So having seen the images above, I am sure you will agree with me in saying that they a different "look" or "feel" to them and this is because of the perspective added thanks to the lower angle.

Here are two images taken after my guests and I had captured the spectacular scene above. The expressions on our faces clearly display that we are extremely happy with the good change and added value to our portfolios.

Michael_Laubscher Michael_Laubscher

Special moments and pleased guests is what I live for!

Thanks again for the great images Jane Rix!

Until next time;

Happy Snapping!


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