A Memorable Moment

Usually, my year is filled with safaris, here and there, if I dare say. As always, I like to disclaim, and repeat how it is hard for you to fathom the gratitude I have for being able to do the work that I do. But it is there. without my guest, there is no need [...]

Missing the Mara

It is another one of those incredibly difficult question. What do I look forward to the most, next year? Or which trip do I look forward to the most. I’ll say this, there is none that I do not hungrily await to commence. I look forward to all of them with great anticipation. The great [...]


There is a troublesome dilemma that sometimes exists in our wildlife photography experiences. It is the line, quite literally, between having all that we want in focus and inviting too much distracting details into or background. Usually there is more than one subject in question and usually they are quite close to each other, one […]

The Ultimate Skill

Probably, it could be said, that patience is the most important attribute a photographer must have to be the best they can at what they do. Truly, it cant be stressed enough how important it is to let a scene develop when necessary. Whether it a landscape and you need the sun to burst through […]


MalaMala Game Reserve. It is no secret as to what lies within this property, for lack of a better word. It should be described as a haven more than a ‘property’; and a haven it truly is. For all sorts of wildlife indeed, but its claim to fame certainly derives from its unmatched numbers of […]

A day of the leopard.

Recently, we were lucky enough to travel again after quite some time stuck in our homes. The destination was the renowned MalaMala Private Game Reserve in the southern parts of the Greater Kruger National Park. The speciality here is no secret, it’s all about the wildlife and with an emphasis on predators. Lions, leopard, wild […]

White Balance

With every scene comes different shades of intensities and temperatures of light. The mornings can be a white-yellow cast, the mid parts of the day a washed-out scene yet vivid blue skies above and the evening a deep orange and red glow. In order to precisely capture these magnificent colors, it is important to consider […]

Another dawn, another dusk…

You know it’s coming, you have heard it a thousand times before, yet you still try and anticipate it as if you’re waiting to be ambushed by an irate leopard. You try tell yourself “it’s probably still going to be a while, don’t worry, relax”. No sooner has that thought past your mind, the silence […]

A fairy-tale place

Uganda - a fairy tale place; a place where clouds struggle over the peaks of ancient volcanoes. Where winding dirt roads lead you through dense, tall and seemingly endless forest then surprise you with crystal clean crater lakes, so deep and mysterious. So deep that only the pebbles thrown by joyful Ugandan youth know their [...]

A World Without…

How many national parks and game reserves are there across the continent? I am not sure. Each one with its own character and “way of doing things”, its own history. Some are wildlife rich areas that were simply gazetted into parks at the last minute, conservation and tourism staff and infrastructure hustled into place, a [...]

The Observer

Must one always take a stance when observing something? Is it a sense of duty that leads us to judge another being for his delphic actions, or is it just indifference and man’s endless and sometimes unsubstantiated quest for moral high ground? It has been easy, so far, to deduce a good deed from a [...]

As far as the mind can see…

It had been a long career sojourning from one camp to the next, to a lodge somewhere, to another somewhere else. I suppose I had become quite aquatinted with the continent that way. Africa that is. You could, maybe, go as far as saying I was growing into an authority on Africa’s peoples and wildlife […]

The Sound at Night

I would hear a sound at night. It was footsteps. They had no direction, nor did they seem to be approaching or leaving. They’d gently walk through the space of mind. Coming and going as easily as a breeze. Pushing away needless thoughts of the demands of society. I knew its stride, an unmistakable rhythm, […]

The Masai Mantra

Every story has to have a beginning and an end. A good story has something in between. A build up, a break down, a message, a lesson, emotions and sentiment, well placed facts and theories and fictional perspectives. This story is about contrast. A contrast of worlds, characters and colours. There is a lesson, yes. [...]

Places We Love: MalaMala Camp| Sabi Sands | South Africa

MalaMala Camp, situated in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve South Africa, is built on the riverbank of the renowned Sand River. This place has haunted the dreams of wildlife enthusiast worldwide since its establishment in the 1930’s. Stories of MalaMala have changed in certain aspects over the years, no doubt, but back then a […]

A Memory

I am writing this, sitting here, in quite a pleasant yet uncomfortable state and it is not because my sunburnt skin can feel every fibre of my shirt scratching its surface, or the layers of sticky after sun I have put on to try ease the pain of what could be described as a full […]

Ethiopia – Wildlife and Indigenous Culture

Ethiopia is a place so full of unique, beautiful and fascinating areas that it is impossible to see it all in one trip. The Unique Wildlife and Indigenous Culture safari is designed to take its travelers on journey to what could be described as Ethiopia’s highlights. Its most well-known and extraordinary places. A perfect combination […]

Elephants That Stand on Their back Legs

The idea of elephants standing on their back legs, at first, comes across as some sort of circus act. Images of a cape wearing and stick wielding “animal trainer” whom actually has not the faintest clue about animal behavior, waves his wand and yells his commands as if he has deciphered the dialect of these […]

The African Elephant

The African elephant has certainly been an animal that has captivated the imaginations of so many who have witnessed them over the years. To the day a lot of mystery’s surrounds the elephant as scientists pull for recognition with theory after theory to try to make sense of the final mile when it comes to [...]

The Best of Uganda Safari – Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking.

The Best of Uganda Safari is a bucket-list expedition that travels to some of the best regions in Africa to witness none other than the great apes. The safari travels between three national parks of Uganda. Each one with its own unique character. Ugandas scenic beauty is almost unrivalled in Africa. with its rain forest […]

One Great Image is Worth More Than a Thousand Good Ones

I don’t remember the man’s name or even exactly what he looked like, but I remember my thought process quite well after spending some time with him whilst on safari in the Sabi Sands. He was a guest of mine and he sat opposite me in the front row of the jeep. He had with […]