Let’s Chat About: The Wild Eye Mara Camp

In this video, I chat to you about the mind blowing experience of visiting the Wild Eye Mara Camp. For those of you that have already been, I hope this sheds some new light on the experience for you and for those that have never been before then please settle in, make a cup of [...]

How to “Sharpen” with the Brush Mask

In this Lightroom tutorial, I show you how you can use your Brush Masking tool to "sharpen" your images. It works particularly well for creatures that are rather hairy and have a good number of whiskers and eye lashes. However, I am sure you will find many uses for this once you dig into your [...]

The Magic of the Mara – Migration not included

Don’t get me wrong, seeing a bunch of gnu cross a river with the off chance that a crocodile might chow one or two of them, is indeed pretty spectacular! However, the migration is exactly that. It's about waiting for and then eventually watching an incredible scene unfolding. But there is far more to the [...]

In The Land of Giants

I recently had the privilege of hosting a private safari to a very special place. A place that I hadn’t been back to since my honeymoon almost 4 years ago. I have come to realize that there is no such thing as a bad day on safari. However, there are also some places that excel [...]

Giant Beasts & How to Photograph them

I get it, elephants are lovely to look at in their entirety as they chow down on a nearby bush or tree. It's just every time you lift your lens this giant grey blob looks, well like a giant grey blob. Let’s be honest most of the time the large beasts we encounter on safari [...]

The Northern Serengeti

Its no secret that the Serengeti is one of the most amazing wilderness places to visit on the globe, especially having recently won the title of the best national park in the world…again. Usually, when people envisage Africa and going on safari they think of wide-open space and rolling savanna. It’s the cliché Africa that [...]

The Magic of a Greater Kruger Safari

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is well known to be one of the best places in the world to visit for safari goers. Its incredible size can offer weeks of exploration, its incredible views can offer moments of immense awe and its incredible wildlife can offer thousands upon thousands of beautiful photographs. There [...]

That time a leopard almost ate me

Back when I was a young warthog (and believe me that was only about 5 years ago), when I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed safari guide. I had the pleasure of working day in day out in the vast wilderness of the Timbavati which is part of the Greater Kruger National Park. What [...]

It ain’t all about the Cats!

A safari is a magical thing, it really is! And a photographic safari gives us the opportunity to focus on capturing images of animals in the wild, exactly as they should be and exactly as they are. It’s a great time, to talk shop with different photographers from all around the world and of course [...]

Luke Street – This Is Me

It’s been a while since I wrote something about myself, we as guides are so often writing about the sightings we saw or the camera setup we use or the perfection of a Land Rover Defender in comparison to the imperfection of a Land Cruiser (that’ll ruffle some feathers!). In fact, it’s been so long [...]