Behind The Frame: A Portrait of a Male Lion taken at Sabi Sabi Last year

In this episode in the Behind The Frame series, Trevor McCall-Peat shares a lightroom edit of an image of a male lion captured at Sabi Sabi Last year while hosting a Private safari in October 2022.

Sabi Sabi is very well know for its big cat activity, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve borders the Sabi Sands and is included in the open system Reserve which is open to the Sabi Sands and the Greater Kruger National Park. I personally really love this image. It reminds me not only of the moment this image was taken with that intensity in its eyes, but it also reminds me an incredible morning spent with this male lion and three lionesses that were actively hunting zebra, they didn't succeed, but the interaction and the excitement of watching raw nature was simply incredible. After that, all four lions were still fairly active, moving around and then noticed a small herd of buffalo nearby which peaked their interest and allowed for some really great viewing and photographic moments.

If you are a big cat lover, I highly recommend a trip to this beautiful and diverse Game Reserve, I have no doubt you will really enjoy it. Having said that, its not all about the big cats and Sabi Sabi has so much to offer, not just from beautiful lodges but to a rich array of wildlife to be seen.

Basic Introduction to Lightroom Classic

Just getting into digital photography and editing your images and upon opening Lightroom Classic for the first time, found yourself to be rather confused? Well, in this video I show you around the software and just what is going on. It may even help some of you that have been using Lightroom for a while.

Sabi Sabi and MalaMala Wildlife Photography Seminar

This ever popular wildlife photography seminar is designed for anyone who loves wildlife, safari and photography. Over the duration of the seminar, the aim is to cover all facets of wildlife photography to establish a deeper connection not only with your photographic ability but with wildlife and nature as a whole. The seminar has been created in such a way, that each individual will receive equal personal attention throughout the safari by having a small group and two Wild Eye Guides on site for the safari, allowing for ample opportunity to learn from and be inspired by the experts.

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