Behind the Frame: Chimpanzee in Uganda

In this episode of Behind The Frame, I shares with us how he edits one of his favourite images from Uganda on the Best of Uganda Safari he hosted in June of last year.

Not every image you take can be converted into black and white so I thought I would share my thoughts and what I look for when I am out in the field in order to create a well rounded black and white.

Photographing primates in Uganda can be very challenging due to the colour of the subjects and the lighting conditions can make it tough, but it also allows for some unique and great photographic opportunities if you get it right. With all the contrast and dappled light, I find it a great destination to look for good black and white photographic opportunities and so I thought I would share how I go about editing a black and white photo and what I look out for...

I hope that you enjoyed this weeks episode of Behind The Frame and that you were able to take something out of it to use in your own edits that you choose to convert from colour to black and white.

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Best Of Uganda

Time spent in the company of Uganda’s great apes will simply never be forgotten. It’s life changing in every way. When you look into those big eyes you connect with more than just an animal, you discover a new part of your very self

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