Behind The Frame Episode 27

The behind the frame series takes RAW wildlife images, works through the technical specifications of the image and then looks at how the image is edited in Lightroom.

In this episode I share the moments leading up to an incredibly special lion sighting in the Khwai area of Botswana. In addition, I’ll take you through the end to end editing process in Lightroom to provide you with an idea of how I arrived at the final edited product.



4 thoughts on “Behind The Frame Episode 27

  1. Tony Enticknap


    Not only a terrific image, but a very interesting and well-presented video.

    • Andrew Beck

      Hi Tony, thanks os much for the kind words and feedback. I hope you’ll enjoy catching up on the rest of the Behind The Frame Episodes!

  2. Glynnis Salvado


    An amazing image with very clear, precise and well described editing. Thank you!

    • Andrew Beck

      Thanks so much for the feedback Glynnis!

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