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What’s In My Bed?

Over my years as a guide I have been in some hairy situations (all puns intended). Lions charging me on foot, being chased up a tree by a buffalo and surrounded by an angry breeding herd of elephants while on a walk. Although they were adrenalin filled and tense moments, I readily and willingly put [...]

Stampedes and Showers

I would choose a tent over a 5-star room any day in the bush. I love that feeling of intimacy with nature, being able to hear the sounds of the bush as you lie in bed. On my first visit to the Wild Eye Mara Camp I was very much in my element when I [...]

An Eight Week Adventure

Where do I even start describing what an eight week adventure is even like… Maybe at the beginning right? Well; it all started on 24 July as I jetted out of South Africa for Kenya and this honestly feels like years ago. The list of safaris below are where I was exploring during this eight [...]

The power of one

The great migration is, as the name suggests, great and the scale of the even can sometimes make it difficult from a photography point of view. You see, people often think that the more subjects you have to photograph, the easier it is.  On the contrary, the more subjects there are the more intentional you [...]

Mixing Up The Mara – Different Photographic Ideas

For those who have travelled with me in the past will know how much I love to mix it up in the field with fine art photography styles. I always keep an eye out for different opportunities, to push the boundaries and try something new. Fine art is definitely my favourite style of photography as [...]

Combining the Northern Serengeti with the Masai Mara

Combining the Northern Serengeti with the Masai Mara literally gives you the best of both worlds.  The combination allows you to witness the Great Migration from two different perspectives and also maximises your opportunity to spend time with the migratory herds. This was the first year that we have offered this exciting combo and my [...]

Returning to Uganda

Returning to Uganda has been something I have personally been looking forward to for many, many years. Having spent a significant amount of time during my teenage years exploring what is known as the Pearl of Africa, my excitement levels were through the roof when I boarded the flight to Entebbe. Returning to Uganda was [...]

That time a leopard almost ate me

Back when I was a young warthog (and believe me that was only about 5 years ago), when I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed safari guide. I had the pleasure of working day in day out in the vast wilderness of the Timbavati which is part of the Greater Kruger National Park. What [...]

It ain’t all about the Cats!

A safari is a magical thing, it really is! And a photographic safari gives us the opportunity to focus on capturing images of animals in the wild, exactly as they should be and exactly as they are. It’s a great time, to talk shop with different photographers from all around the world and of course [...]

The Life of a Leopard

When it comes to becoming a full time guide, there are a number of different qualifications needed. I am not going to get into detail with those requirements, but I am going to mention, in order to start out with some knowledge, there are a number of textbooks to read. This helps to give a [...]

Best Of Mana Pools Trip Report

Even though I’m still currently hosting a private safari in Hwange National Park, I’ve decided to find the time to share a brief Best of Mana Pools trip report. Now when I speak of “finding the time”, let’s share a bit of recent history here… I’ve been on the road, hosting safaris for just over [...]

The Magic of Amboseli

Where do I even begin, Amboseli National Park, to put it simply, what a special place. I recently returned from hosting a private safari in Amboseli and what a safari it was. Amboseli National Park was formerly known as the Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, this Reserve in terms of size is not very big and [...]

Meeting a Gorilla Face to Face

For those of you that follow me on Instagram ( @trevormccallpeat ) you would have seen that I have shared quite extensive information around my Gorilla trekking experience. In this blog, I would like to try and describe what it is like to be face to face with a wild mountain gorilla. The first fact [...]

Unusual Landscapes for Lions

Lions have indeed undergone catastrophic declines since the commercialization of livestock ranching and agriculture in Africa, and are now only secure in a handful of and are on the brink of extinction in all but the largest and best-managed protected areas. Outside of these places, lions are in grave trouble. However, with funding, capacity improvement [...]

SD Cards Explained

The SD card... A seemingly small and insignificant piece of equipment is a must have in your photography arsenal but it can quickly become a thorn in your side.Why? Well, in the early days of my photography journey, I would walk into any old shop, ask for a SD card, the assistant might give me [...]

Easy & Powerful Pano’s in Lightroom

Easy and powerful panos in Lightroom. I find panos such a useful and extremely powerful tool but not only to capture mountain ranges and sunsets but to use this skill for much more than you can imagine! It's no longer an iPhone camera option but a photo skill of epic proportion. The best part of [...]

Sigma Contemporary 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS – Lens Review

My name is Trevor McCall-Peat, I am one of the Sigma South Africa Ambassadors and over the past couple of years I have been afforded the opportunity to work with a variety of their new sports and contempered lenses. I recently hosted a private safari to Uganda to photograph the gorillas and then onto Amboseli [...]

5 Ways to Capture Something New on Your Return to the Masai Mara

It is that time of the year when all eyes are on the hundreds of thousands of zebra and wildebeest that are currently dominating the northern reaches of the Masai Mara & Serengeti eco-system. It's a phenomenon that has captured the imagination of both wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers from around the world with many [...]

The Best Of Uganda Trip Report

I know this is well overdue. Rather late than never they say. With that said, please allow me a few minutes of your time to share the Best of Uganda trip report with you. On 24 May 2021, I set off on a three week adventure into Uganda. I had hosted one of our 11 [...]

The Start Of The 2021 Wild Eye Mara Season

The wait is over!!! Today I am privileged to let you all know that the 2021 Wild Eye Mara Season is a go! In the same breath, what a phenomenal start it was. The special moments our guests were blessed with; both in the field and in the camp, were numerous and pretty much endless, [...]

This is why you should be excited to travel to the Masai Mara

Having never been to the Masai Mara myself, one day seeing everything that there is on offer is a thrilling thought  for me. When one thinks about the Masai Mara, immediately your first thought is the great migration. Hundreds and thousands of animals in line of sight is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. All [...]

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