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Photographing in the rain

Photographing in the rain. On safari, rainy weather is often seen as a "sleep in" or "stay at camp" time, however, this could be when you produce your most dramatic and rewarding images. On a recent safari to the Masai Mara, we had THAT moment... We were having a number of afternoon thunderstorms that built [...]

What is Wildlife Photography about… For YOU?

What is wildlife photography... for you? It is a question that keeps coming up, either on safaris, or just as general discussions with like-minded people. What should wildlife photography be all about?  I suppose a similar question would be; what made you buy a camera in the first place? With so many competitions, awards and [...]

South Luangwa truly is the Valley of Leopards

South Luangwa is the valley of leopards, of that there is little doubt.  Having just returned from two weeks in a piece of paradise, it once again reminded me why I love South Luangwa so much. South Luangwa was initially established in 1904 with British conservationist Norman Carr being extremely influential in setting up the [...]

Do you have a style of photography?

Do you have a style of photography? Or what is your photographic style? This is a common question that often comes up on safari. It is an interesting topic to talk about and one that I'm sure many people will probably disagree with what I am about to say, but that's ok, it's just my [...]

Giant Beasts & How to Photograph them

I get it, elephants are lovely to look at in their entirety as they chow down on a nearby bush or tree. It's just every time you lift your lens this giant grey blob looks, well like a giant grey blob. Let’s be honest most of the time the large beasts we encounter on safari [...]

Wild Eye Guest Blog – Amboseli & Masai Mara

This was our first safari with Wild Eye and first safari in Kenya. We had found Wild Eye some 4-5 years ago on social media, and they immediately gave the impression of professionalism, respect for wildlife and nature as well as people. We contacted Andrew Beck who suggested to us a 11-night safari divided into [...]

Focus on Composition

When it comes to wildlife photography, there are two main elements. Composition and the technical stuff. The more basic side is the compositional side & then you get the more complicated part and this is as many refer to it is, the "technical stuff". Too many times people get caught up in the mess & [...]

NEW Tour: The Great Migration with Hides and Helicopters in Kenya

The Great Migration and Hides and Helicopters of kenya's South Rift Valley is a new and exciting safari experience which runs over a 10 night perios. This is a one of a kind experience combining Kenya's Great Migration, exclusive use of low level photographic hides and scenic aerial photography over Lake Natron and Lake Magadi [...]

Packing essentials for going on safari

So, I decided to write a slightly different blog, I know in the past, we had written blogs about some of the things to always remember too pack when heading out on safari. Having said the above, I thought it would be a cool idea to go around the office and ask each member of [...]

That Magical Campfire

Tomorrow I jet off to Kenya! I'll be hosting a group of guests in our very own camp in the Masai Mara. There are so many things to look forward to but there is one thing that stands out.  I honestly cannot wait to find myself around that magical campfire again. There is just something [...]

Watch out for the Horizon

Watch out for the Horizon! Something that is so simple, but often overlooked is horizons. Especially in areas such as the Masai Mara and the Serengeti, but this principal applies with any image that has a horizon in it. Often as photographers, we focus so much on our subject, the reason we picked up our [...]

The Northern Serengeti

Its no secret that the Serengeti is one of the most amazing wilderness places to visit on the globe, especially having recently won the title of the best national park in the world…again. Usually, when people envisage Africa and going on safari they think of wide-open space and rolling savanna. It’s the cliché Africa that [...]

Instagram Tip

It's about time I share an Instagram tip with all of you. Instagram has been a part of my life for many years now. Over the years, I have done well to maximize the platform in building a respective following. In saying that, for any of my followers reading this blog and/or watching this video, [...]

Experiencing Mana Pools

I recently hosted a safari to Mana Pools for the first time in about 6 years. If you have been to Mana Pools or seen videos and images from Mana Pools you will know it is quite a special place, so you can imagine my excitement to return to this magical place. So how do [...]

Gentle Giants

Having recently visited Amboseli, I can say with certainty that elephants are right up there with my favorite animals. I have had the fortune of visiting a variety of wilderness areas across Africa in my life and have seen many elephants, but what I love about elephants, is that they give me this sense of [...]

The Magic of a Greater Kruger Safari

The Kruger National Park in South Africa is well known to be one of the best places in the world to visit for safari goers. Its incredible size can offer weeks of exploration, its incredible views can offer moments of immense awe and its incredible wildlife can offer thousands upon thousands of beautiful photographs. There [...]

What’s In My Bed?

Over my years as a guide I have been in some hairy situations (all puns intended). Lions charging me on foot, being chased up a tree by a buffalo and surrounded by an angry breeding herd of elephants while on a walk. Although they were adrenalin filled and tense moments, I readily and willingly put [...]

Stampedes and Showers

I would choose a tent over a 5-star room any day in the bush. I love that feeling of intimacy with nature, being able to hear the sounds of the bush as you lie in bed. On my first visit to the Wild Eye Mara Camp I was very much in my element when I [...]

An Eight Week Adventure

Where do I even start describing what an eight week adventure is even like… Maybe at the beginning right? Well; it all started on 24 July as I jetted out of South Africa for Kenya and this honestly feels like years ago. The list of safaris below are where I was exploring during this eight [...]

The power of one

The great migration is, as the name suggests, great and the scale of the even can sometimes make it difficult from a photography point of view. You see, people often think that the more subjects you have to photograph, the easier it is.  On the contrary, the more subjects there are the more intentional you [...]

Mixing Up The Mara – Different Photographic Ideas

For those who have travelled with me in the past will know how much I love to mix it up in the field with fine art photography styles. I always keep an eye out for different opportunities, to push the boundaries and try something new. Fine art is definitely my favourite style of photography as [...]

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