The trip I look forward to most in 2021…

It is always hard to pick a favourite, but the trip I look forward to most in 2021 is Madagascar. This magnificent island which is the fourth largest in the world, is situated off the southeast coast of Africa, and plays home to large variety of different animals. Having personally only been to the coastline [...]

What trip am I looking forward to the most?

This is a tough one to decide on after a year of not really traveling much… Before South Africa went into full COVID Lockdown in March, I was about to fly out to India to host a safari, one that I was very excited for and was merely days away from getting onto the plane [...]

The Storyteller

The inspiration for this blog comes form a great man, a great friend, my east African brother; Francis Tenke, the storyteller. I’m incredibly blessed to have spent so much time with beautiful people such Francis in the Wild Eye Mara Camp. A few months back I wrote an inspirational blog about these these humble souls, the […]

On This Day A Year Ago

As travel bans are unfortunately still a reality, I have found myself reminiscing more and more as the days go by and digging into Instagram archives is where this blogs inspiration came from. Now, in this blog I would like to share what my plans were on this day a year ago. Today, the day […]

A fairy-tale place

Uganda - a fairy tale place; a place where clouds struggle over the peaks of ancient volcanoes. Where winding dirt roads lead you through dense, tall and seemingly endless forest then surprise you with crystal clean crater lakes, so deep and mysterious. So deep that only the pebbles thrown by joyful Ugandan youth know their [...]

A World Without…

How many national parks and game reserves are there across the continent? I am not sure. Each one with its own character and “way of doing things”, its own history. Some are wildlife rich areas that were simply gazetted into parks at the last minute, conservation and tourism staff and infrastructure hustled into place, a [...]

As far as the mind can see…

It had been a long career sojourning from one camp to the next, to a lodge somewhere, to another somewhere else. I suppose I had become quite aquatinted with the continent that way. Africa that is. You could, maybe, go as far as saying I was growing into an authority on Africa’s peoples and wildlife […]

Revised Deposit Policy & Payment Plans

Dear Wild Eye Guest, As part of our ongoing efforts to manage the affect that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our business, and indeed on the global Wild Eye community at large, we have put certain measures in place to ensure the security of trips that have been, or may continue to be, directly [...]

Different Seasons on Safari

Different seasons on Safari can give you totally different experiences, many of which a lot of people are not aware of. In short, there is no bad time to be on safari, but certain areas tend to peak at different time of the year. Here is a breakdown on which places might be best to […]

Sabi Sands Big 5 Safari

There are very few destinations that nearly guarantees you a face to face encounter with Africa’s iconic Big 5 on one single safari. For this single reason it worth paying attention to Wild Eye’s Sabi Sands Big 5 Safari kicking off in October of 2021. Lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo are all well sought […]

Ethiopia – Wildlife and Indigenous Culture

Ethiopia is a place so full of unique, beautiful and fascinating areas that it is impossible to see it all in one trip. The Unique Wildlife and Indigenous Culture safari is designed to take its travelers on journey to what could be described as Ethiopia’s highlights. Its most well-known and extraordinary places. A perfect combination […]

The Best of Uganda Safari – Gorillas and Chimpanzee Trekking.

The Best of Uganda Safari is a bucket-list expedition that travels to some of the best regions in Africa to witness none other than the great apes. The safari travels between three national parks of Uganda. Each one with its own unique character. Ugandas scenic beauty is almost unrivalled in Africa. with its rain forest […]

Northern Lights And Ice Caves Of Iceland

Best of Madagascar

The Best of Madagascar Tour takes us to some of the most sought after destinations in Madagascar. Madagascar is without a doubt a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature photographers, offering some incredible diversity, both from a landscape and wildlife point of view Lemurs, baobabs, rainforests and deserts – few places on Earth offer such […]

Best of the Pantanal

This epic adventure is designed to showcase the beauty of both the southern & northern Pantanal – ultimately the Best of the Pantanal experience. The Pantanal covers a large area and is home to a rich variety of wildlife & exotic birds. The tour starts in the southern Pantanal where you’ll go in search of […]

Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Safari

The Amboseli & Lake Nakuru safari was built around one of our most popular and iconic Kenyan safari itineraries, The Best Of Kenya. This is a ten day, exclusive safari (3 guests max) that affords guests the opportunity to spend a bit more time in two of Kenya’s most popular photographic destinations. You will spend […]

Kenya’s South Rift Valley & Shompole Conservancy

Deep in the heart of the Great Rift Valley is the Olkiramatian Conservancy and this is where this incredibly unique and morally inclined safari will take place. This itinerary has been designed to give the traveller not only an incredible wildlife and cultural experience but also to give the experience purpose.  Lentorre Lodge is the […]

South Luangwa and Mana Pools Safari

The South Luangwa and Mana Pools Safari offers you the opportunity to experience the very best that Southern Africa has to offer. The incredible game viewing in South Luangwa,  combined with arguably the best walking safari experience in Mana Pools, this Safari is a must for any photography or safari enthusiast. South Luangwa National Park […]

Jaguars of the Pantanal

Tucked away within the largest wetland in the world, lies a hidden paradise few have ever laid eyes upon. The sheer beauty of this landscape is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and the animals inhabiting this wildlife haven are incredibly unique, many of which not found anywhere else. With that said, none of the Pantanal’s […]

Masai Mara Peak Season

“Welcome to the greatest show in Africa. Play witness to the great migration from the comforts of the magical Wild Eye Mara Camp” – Jono Buffey The Great Migration epitomises the ultimate African safari experience and is still one of the quintessential bucket list items that any wildlife and nature enthusiast should tick off. Wildlife photographers also know […]

Masai Mara Off Peak

The Mara Triangle is home to an incredible array of wildlife, even outside of the typical peak Great Migration period. As the long rains fall, afternoons in the Mara are dominated by massive thunderstorms, providing dramatic backgrounds and some of the most incredible light you could ever wish for. The lush, green grass, in stark contrast to […]