Wild Eye Diaries Episode 30

Episode 30 hosted by Trevor McCall-Peat This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro Trevor 04:19 – Alistair goes behind the scenes in the Masai Mara 06:28 – Mike reflects on the past week in the Mara and shares his thoughts on the rest of the season 09:34 – Johan discusses his next few weeks of safari […]

Wild Eye Diaries Episode 31

Episode 31 hosted by Andrew Beck This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro Andrew 02:00 – Mike shares some thoughts on his upcoming Masai Mara Experience Safaris 09:56 – Alistair chats about his time in the Masai mara and his upcoming Best of Botswana Safari 13:31 – Trevor chats bout the most recent content on the […]

Wild Eye Diaries #32

Episode 32 hosted by Johan Van Zyl This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro by Johan followed by some experiences from South Luangwa and Mana Pools. 10:55 – Trevor shares some views on upcoming Safaris 15:18 – Mike gives us an update from the Masai Mara 16:57 – Gerry shares his first impressions on Madagascar 22:39 […]

Wild Eye Diaries Episode 33

This episode includes: 00:33 – Intro by Andrew who chats briefly about current the Masai Mara Experience and Jaguars of the Pantanal Safaris which are on the go. 1:59 – Gerry chats about training and accountability in wildlife photography 11:37 – Alistair chats about his recent Best of Botswana Safari. 20:56 – Mike and Andrew […]

Wild Eye Diaries Episode 34

This episode includes: 00:35 – Introduction to Episode 34 – Alistair 04:38 – Trevor pops in for a brief update on his past two weeks in the Mara. More updates to follow soon. 07:07 – Mike provides us with an awesome highlights package of his last few months on safari! 19:42 – Johan speaks about […]