Crafting the perfect safari

Quite often our team gets asked how we go about crafting the perfect safari and choose the destinations and locations that we host safaris to.  As you can imagine, there are numerous factors taken into consideration before a particular trip is finalized and advertised on our website. In this edition of our monthlynewsletter, we wanted to provide you with some insight into the sorts of things our team considers when planning our exciting safari adventures.

2. Duration vs cost

A key element to a tour being successful is the time spent in a destination to maximize photographic opportunities, and international travel time, but at the same time, beingconscious of the per night cost. We regularly engage with then right suppliers and propertieson longer pay-stay specials and group booking discounts to ensure we spend the right amount of time at a destination, without the total cost blowing the budget out of the water.

It is also important to understand the surroundings and how much variety is on offer in the particular area. Some destinations might require more time in a certain area because the key species might be hard to find, and by staying longer you are increasing your chances, or you might stay longer in an area because there is enough variety and photographic opportunities on offer to warrant a longer stay.

3. Location

Location. Location. Location. We cannot stress this enough. The location of the camps we use is vital for so many reasons.  As photographers, we always want to make use of the golden light in the morning and evening hours, photographing key species. The last thing you want to be doing is travelling for hours on end each day just to get to the prime game viewing areas. Being in a great location, in the heart of the action, also means that the break between morning and afternoon safaris can be spent enjoying the wonderful landscape and frequency of animals passing by, from the comfort of your room.

4. No single supplements

One of the major aspects that separates us from other operators, is that we do not penalize single travelers by charging a single supplement fee. We understand that adding single supplements to the cost of a safari will make it unaffordable for many.  Consequently, we work with the suppliers that understand our model of small groups, focused on personal service, and the need to cater to those specific needs.

5. Private vehicle

For every single one of our scheduled tours, you will have a private vehicle and private guide at your disposal.  This ensures that everyone in the group has a similar focus and end goal.  Imagine waiting for a leopard to come down a tree and you’re in a vehicle with people that only want to race around from point A to B to tick animals off a list.  Wildlife photography takes patience and having a private vehicle with a photographic guide that understands animal behavior will go a long way in helping you capture those striking images you are after.

6. Logistics

Logistics is another key element to ensure a safari runs smoothly.  There is in-depth research for every trip to ensure our guests get to the destinations in the most convenient manner possible, without taking anything away from the overall experience. Our expert logistics team will ensure that you are taken care of from the minute you land in country, right up until you return home.


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