Excited For April Colours In The Amboseli & Lake Nakuru

We all love colours right? I know that I do & if you enjoy photography then you must like colour as well.

Why you may ask?

I say this because;

photography is about light & light is about colour.

You also need to understand that this colour affects us as humans emotionally with different colours evoking different emotions. So by adding colour to your frame will result in affecting your viewers nervous system & in one of the main ingredients in order to create striking images.

The reason why I decided on writing this "colourful" blog is because I was emotionally blown away by the explosive change in pastel like colours in the Amboseli & Lake Nakuru National Park in April this year.

The safari I was hosting & will host in the years to come is one of our more exclusive type safaris namely the "Exclusive Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Safari". This year was the first time I had hosted this safari & due to the change in season I knew I will be in for something very different. The month of April is Kenya's "long rains" period and so the chance of photographing in the rain is high but sure does make for some cool looking images both in colour or monochrome.



Rain is considered a blessing in areas like these and through a photographers eye I will defiantly agree. Not only because it brings new life but also because with new life comes a flourish of pastel like colours as you will see in the gallery below,

Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg Michael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpgMichael-Laubscher-Amboseli-Nakuru-Kenya-Wild-Eye-copy.jpg

The strikingly rich vivid colours in every frame is truly fascinating to me as I had visited these very two reserves many time before but in different seasons. I am not saying that the colours during the Big Cats & Tuskers Safari 's during February & July are dull but for some reason the colours just pop so much more in April, the dark & highlighted contrasts are powerful & is just ideal photographic conditions. To me it felt & seemed so different that it felt as if I was in an entirely new reserve that I have never visited before.

If you have visited these two reserves before but outside of the long rains, do yourself a favour & revisit during the month of April. It will be a mindblowingly colourful & extremely pleasing yet different adventure.

On that note, photographically speaking, colours add incredible value to a scene yes. I know I've chatted about this topic numerous times in this blog BUT is saying that all the full, rich, vivid colours in a scene will also work well as a monochromatic image as seen below;


Would you agree with me if I say they allow for a very moody, dark & very "poppy" white & black image? One must remember that the key when it comes to monochrome images is that you really want the whites & the blacks to really pop & also remember that very rich colourful scenes lend us the opportunity for just that!

Thats it for now, I do hope that this what started off as a colourful & ended as a "poppy" monochrome blog has been inspiring & has triggered your need to visit these two very special destinations.

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I do look forward to changing the way you see the world!

Until then;

Happy Snapping!


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  1. Mandeep Mistry


    Loved the gallery!! Especially, the one with Tim and Mt. Kili in the background and another one with Tim & Greg

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