Excitement As The 2019 Mara Season Is Approaching

If you've been following the Wild Eye journey for a while, you will know that the Masai Mara is not only a special place in our hearts, but has become a big part of our business.

For the first 6 years of us running safaris in the Mara Triangle, mainly during the migration period, we had a temporary Camp that had to be moved to a different site every two weeks.  Imagine setting everything up, the guest tents (10 of them and 2 for the Wild Eye Guides), the dining tent, the media tent as well as all the tents for our staff!  Besides the tents there are the obvious furnitures that need to be packed up carefully...  all the plates, glasses, lighting, cutlery etc.  Needless to say it was a massive job and our amazing team on the ground would often work long into the night to make sure everything is in perfect condition for our guests.

With so many ideas and so much we wanted to do with our camp, our hands were often tied because of the fact that everything had to be packed up and moved every two weeks.

Fast forward to last year (2018) which was our first year at our new semi permanent site, situated on the banks of the Mara River.  The new Wild Eye Mara Camp, called Enkishui (meaning life) is the start of something special that we have created in the Mara Triangle.  Not only are we now able to run safaris out of peak migration time, we now also don't need to pack everything up every two weeks.

Last year we added some amazing new additions to the Enkishui Camp.  The most notable was the addition of a new lounge tent, which consist of authentic local Kenyan furniture and bar overlooking the magical Mara river.  Imagine sitting around the lounge or bar area with an ice cold drink made by Tenke (he makes a mean G&T) overlooking the Mara River whilst listening to a pod of Hippos only a few metres away from you.  In fact it's impossible to image, you simply have to experience it!



The new addition of the Mara Camp, the lounge and Bar area

Another addition which has made a massive difference is having the entire camp solar powered.  In previous years we would have had to run a generator to supply our camp with power and although the generator is still a backup for when there are a few overcast days, solar power has made the camp more environmentally friendly as well as cost effective.

From the rooms point of view, we have replaced the self contained portable loo's with a fully functional flushing loo.  The lighting in each room has also improved dramatically with LED light being fitted in each tent.

Over and above all of these changes, we have also purchased and kitted out two brand new Land Cruiser game vehicles which offer more comfort, leg room and overall enjoyment.

One of the new Wild Eye vehicles 

As the 2019 season is approaching quickly, there are once again a few new additions added to the Enkishui Camp which will once again take it the next level!

What are these changes we are bring in 2019?

You will have to come to Camp to find out!!  :)


2 thoughts on “Excitement As The 2019 Mara Season Is Approaching

  1. Martha Myers


    52 days and counting! See you soon, Johan.

    • Johan Van Zyl

      Can’t wait Martha!! See you soon.

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