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I am beyond excited to say that over the next two weeks I'll be spending time hosting a privately guided safari starting in the tail-end of the Great Rift Valley in one of Africa’s most untouched, purest wilderness eco-systems; South Luangwa National Park before we finish off with a week in Hwange National Park.

South Luangwa is considered to be one of Africa’s last great safari parks & has the credentials to prove it. A safari to this incredible destination is something every avid nature lover & wildlife photographer should experience.

This is my first visit to the area and I cannot begin to explain what I am most excited about...

May it be the motive of this particular adventure as seen below;

How incredible?!? Elephant walking right through the lobby! The above is incredible but a lot of the excitement could also be  due to the mighty Luangwa River; which is considered to be the purest most untouched river in Africa, and all the wildlife it attracts?

There are so many things to look forward to as South Luangwa is synonymous with incredible wildlife, beautiful meandering rivers and breathtaking scenery. The variety in habitat and year-round water availability creates an environment suited to a vast abundance of animal species. Leopard, lion, hyena and African wild dog all occur in large numbers. South Luangwa also boasts the densest leopard population in Africa. These top predators are a delight amongst photographers and we aim to spend as much time in their company as possible, both in daylight and under the cover of darkness.

The open plains teem with general game such a zebra, giraffe, puku and impala. Elephants are hardly ever out of sight and the rivers are filled with hippo and crocodile. In fact, the densest population of hippo’s in Africa can be found in the Luangwa River.

This National Park deserves all of the credit is has been given. It will provide visitors of all kinds with the experience of a lifetime. This safari will transport my guest and I back to the way Africa was many years ago, a safari that’s not only exhilarating, but also pure.

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Happy Snapping!


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