First Glimpse, Jaguars of the Pantanal Safari Experience

I’ve just returned from one of the greatest adventures of my life and certainly one of the most exciting safari experiences that Wild Eye has on offer. Brazil’s Pantanal delivered incredible encounter after incredible encounter. From waking up to the dawn chorus of a 100 different birds on a cattle ranch, to photographing macaws flying across a giant sinkhole. We were able to walk within a couple of feet of resting caymans, watch Giant River Otters devour their fishy meals and forsure most excitingly getting to spend time with the awe-inspiring Jaguar.

The experience lasted 2 weeks in total & covered the bulk of what’s the offer in both the southern & northern Pantanal. Believe me, there’s alot to see but what’s great about this itinerary is that you’ll get a taste of all you need to and then get to spend an entire week focusing on the Jaguars within the Porto Jofré region.

I only just returned and leave again for Mana Pools and Hwange in a couple of days time. I simply had to take the opportunity to share with you some of the images captured. It was too good not to.

This is by no means the full trip report, that will come a little later. This will however give you a good idea of what my guests and I experienced on the very first Jaguars of the Pantanal safari offered by Wild Eye. It’s a grande adventure that should not be missed.

Enjoy this series of images with me, a few highlights from the Pantanal

The safari started in anteater country. The Pantanal can generally be divided into 2 distinct regions – north & south. Each offers an array of wildlife & its well worth combining the two in one epic itinerary.

We did exactly this & struck gold.

Much of the southern Pantanal safari experience involves magnificent birds. Brazil is home to about 2000 different species and so many of them are in possession of incredible colours! Even if you’ve never been all that tempted into a little birds photography I can assure you that Pantanal’s birds will change your mind!

As a part of this portion of the safari we visited a sinkhole called Buraco das Araras. It has a thriving population of Red & Green Macaws and this makes for incredible photographic opportunities. The birds use the cliffs as nesting sites & they fly back and forth you end up firing away like a mad person! The results are great and you have a huge amount of fun along the way!

After a great 4 days in the south of the Pantanal we boarded a plane and headed for the north. We were now in real Jaguar territory but there was one place to stop off at before traversing the 145 kilometer Transpanteneira Road.

Piuval Lodge right at the top end of that incredible long road is home to a great cayman experience. You can get extremely close to these predators without any fuss. It also offer you a unique photographic opportunity.

would start.

I’ll share a short collection of images capture in those 7 days below, with even more coming in the full trip report later this month.

We enjoyed no less than 32 sightings of Jaguars in those 7 nights, simply extraordinary. My guests were completely blown away by the sheer abundance of Jaguars and so was I!

Enjoy this collection with me…

As you can clearly see the Jaguar viewing was simply magnificent! It was far more than what I could have ever hoped for. This is also only a few highlights from the safari with more stories and yes, more images to come in the full trip report.

The beauty of the region was like nothing I’ve experienced before. Every day offered something new and exciting, something else to look forward to!

The fact that you are also viewing & photographing Jaguars from a boat gives your images a fresh breath of life. You’re always creating unique views.

From here we had one more night left at Matto Grosso Hotel. There were a few very unique species of birds that I wanted my guests to see and our guide on the river there knew exactly where to find them! He’d been driving this stretch of the river for 20 years and knows it like the back of his hand.

Two of these birds are featured here, the incredibly beautifully coloured Agami Heron and the magnificent Great Black Hawk. The others I’ll reveal more of in the full report.

If there’s one thing I learnt about Brazil’s Pantanal, is that you can’t compare it to an African safari. I am accustomed to hosting safaris throughout Africa but this is completely different. It’s different to India, it’s completely unique and tough to compare. One should not be comparing at all in fact. The Pantanal offers safari goers a fresh encounter with nature. It’s a young safari industry hardly 10 years of age, and that makes it even more special! Imagine Africa in the 70’s or 80’s. That’s where the Pantanal now finds itself. It’s wild. It’s exciting.

I’ll be back there again later this month on yet another 2 week safari and can’t wait to share more of the experience with you. This is certainly something I would urge you to consider, come and explore this magnificent safari destination with us, experience it, come and live it! The Jaguars are the obvious drawcard but as you’ve seen in this short account, there’s so much more on offer & by the end of it all you’ll be longing to return.

Thanks so much for reading through this and if you have any questions then please leave them below and I’ll get back to you soonest!

Till next time,

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