Front Row Seats

How do you feel about those forever wished upon front row seats?

From personal observation over the past, almost 30 years, I've noticed that there is always such a hype around front row seats. These seats may be at a concert or theatre production. The endless debate between sitting closer or further away from the cinema screen. The desire to sit closer to the front of the aircraft and I can keep listing them.

To be honest, I am not really phased when it comes to the above. As long as I'm at the show or on the plane, I'm happy!

In saying that, there is one section of front row seats that matters. Seats that I hope each and every one of you get to experience one day.

This is a seat that not many are privileged to sit in. It presents a short but definitely one of the most thrilling shows on this planet. An intimate, close up show that will leave you speechless & somewhat frozen in time as seen below;

Front Row Seats - Wild Eye - Michael Laubscher

While sitting behind this vehicle I was keenly aware that they had a unique opportunity, "front row seats", to an unfolding story. How special is this... Nobody else was going to see this very moment from the same vantage point as the folk in the image above. A moment that felt frozen in time. A mere fraction of a second as this leopardess stood motionless, staring straight into their eyes.

Now if you have not yet been face to face with a leopard, let me try describe the feeling;

The first thing you feel is a chill run down your spine. This then spreads into a flourish of goosebumps across your body. It seems as if the wind stops blowing. The birds stop singing. Everything around you seems to be paused. You can feel your heart beating. You can hear your breathing all while your eyes are locked onto this magnificent animal as it gracefully stands staring back at you. 'A leopards stare is a simple stare. One that holds incredible determination, focus, strength. It's nothing short of  fearless stare!' It feels as if she has a power of luring ones eyes. When you sit eye to eye, your thoughts run wild. Yet, the only thing you think of is to take in this exceptional moment between yourself and this free, wild & astonishing creature. 

Now my words will never do this any justice as this feeling is something you need to experience to fully understand.

I hope for your sake that you are blessed with front row seats which allow you to enjoy a special moment similar to the one seen above. All I ask is for you to enjoy every moment of it and know how privileged you are to have been blessed with that incredibly special moment.

Until then;

Happy Snapping!


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