Andrew Danckwerts

Growing up in the remote southern province of Zambia, I have always been obsessed with the wild.

Not only was I fascinated by the large animals that naturally come with a rush and bewilderment, but also respected the power of nature’s more silent and still moments. How it is an escape from the high frequency sounds and energies of society that can corrode the very thing that makes us what we are.

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I not only learnt about the wilds of Africa; I was forced to evolve as the footsteps of gentle questions surrounded me. I found my place as a young child and a young naturalist. It could be said that these lessons are all I have ever known, and it was these lessons, paths of discovery and behaviors that I found myself passing onto visitors in the wild. It was a gift I felt I had to pass on as it was to dishonor that very thing, the wild, to try hold it to myself.

I spent my adult years sojourning from one camp to the next in search of new discoveries. Working my way through remote area of Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa as a nature guide and aiding in conservation projects of a variety of sorts. Gaining skills and knowledge that place me well in a position at Wild Eye as a photographic expedition leader.

Art has always fascinated me. From paintings to old cars, imagery or storytelling of any form, even the textures of bark on a tree or the pattern in the clouds. With this passion, combined with a life of guiding in the wilds of Africa, I was able to help my guests feel and experience the same feelings alongside creating beautiful art of their own.

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Canon and Nikon systems

Adobe Lightroom and photoshop

Animal behavior and wilderness knowledge

Having a damn good time

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