How to: Plan a Custom Travel Itinerary

Planning a Custom Travel itinerary with Wild Eye allows you the freedom to create a bespoke travel experience, tailormade to your specific needs. Whether planning a stand-alone itinerary or adding an extension to your Wild Eye Scheduled Safari, our team of expert travel designers will guide you through the planning process, providing valuable advice and assistance throughout. We take care of making all the necessary in country accommodation and logistics arrangements on your behalf. All that is left for you to do, is to arrive and enjoy your perfect holiday.

In the initial Custom Travel planning phase, there are a few important pieces of information you can provide us with. These will allow us to provide you effectively and efficiently, with the best suited options available.

Where would you like to go?

Whether you have a clear idea of a bucket list destination that you would like to visit, or are considering your location choices, let us know and our team will provide expert advice and inspiration.

When would you like to travel?

In the initial planning phase of your trip, it is important to let us know when you would like to travel. Knowing the window that you can travel within is a vital part of the process. Once we know the dates that you are considering travelling, we can plot out a basic outline of your itinerary.

Who will you be travelling with?

Many of our travellers enjoy the independence of travelling solo, some enjoy the companionship of travelling with their partner, like minded friends or the whole family. Knowing the make up of the group, how many rooms will be required and the ages of any children who are travelling, will allow us to provide the best accommodation and activity recommendations.

What type of accommodation would you prefer?

From indulging at your need for luxury at a five-star game lodge or if glamping under the stars in the unspoiled wilderness is more your style. Most destinations have a range of accommodation types, by sharing your preferences with our team we will be able to pair you with the ideal properties to incorporate into your itinerary.

Have you got a budget that you would like to work within for your trip?

Our team will always do our best to work within an advised budget range, by taking into consideration any available value adds, discounts and special offers that are currently available and applicable during your travel window. When providing us with your budget it is best to provide the amount that you would like to spend on your accommodation, activities and regional travel arrangements and exclude your international arrival and departure flight costs.

Do you have any special requirements, occasions, or objectives while you are travelling?

We can arrange that specific dietary requirements and preferences are catered for, as well as making the necessary arrangements should you have any medical or physical limitations that need to be considered. Letting us know about these early in the planning process will help us to arrange accordingly well in advance. Travel is an amazing way to celebrate special milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or a honeymoon, sharing this information with us will allow us the opportunity to make the occasion extra special. Having awesome experiences makes for a truly memorable holiday. You may have an objective that is based on a seasonal phenomenon, such as witnessing calving season in the Tanzanian Serengeti, seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, dreamed of swimming in Devli’s Pool on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls or catching a glimpse of a Shoebill Stork. Just let us know and you will be one step closer to your travel dreams becoming a reality!

Custom travel is perfect for families looking to spend some invaluable time together, couples wanting to get away on the prefect honeymoon or romantic getaway or even groups of friends and likeminded people looking to experience new things together.

At Wild Eye, we have the skills, passion and experience to make your dream trip a reality and we look so forward to assisting you with your travel plans!

If you would like to get in touch and chat about planning your adventure, or even if you aren't sure where to start, then please feel free to contact our team:

Emma Jonker Custom Travel Consultant

Emma Jonker 

Custom Tour Consultant 

Custom Travel & Tours

Our team of experienced tour planners will work with you to build a custom travel plan tailored to the destinations you would like to visit, the amount of time you’d like to travel for, your group size and of course, your budget.

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