Hwange National Park

Today is the start of part two of this privately guided safari. My guest and I loved the experience in South Luangwa but now we are making our way to a reserve that is wild, remote, tough to get to and authentic in every way, Hwange National Park. This incredible place offers its visitor an opportunity to see a real & raw Africa as wildlife still roam free, not prohibited by fences or any other man-made boundaries. It is unlike any other wildlife destination you’ll ever visit.

We will be calling Somalisa Camp home for the next 5 nights and I cannot wait to see what this magical place will offer and only only out in the field but while enjoying the camp as well. The camp is very well designed and the waterhole out in front of camp attract an abundance of wildlife, a perfect way to end our Zambia/Zimbabwe adventure.

Hwange, Michael Laubscher, Wild Eye Hwange, Michael Laubscher, Wild Eye Hwange, Michael Laubscher, Wild Eye Hwange, Michael Laubscher, Wild Eye

The park is home to one of the densest elephants populations in Africa these giants of the land often utilize the camp’s very own waterhole to drink & bathe from, a sight that all guests really enjoy!

Apart from some of the best elephant viewing, the region is also home to many lions, the most well known being Cecil’s Pride and in saying this, many other animals call Hwange home, including 2 rarely seen antelope species – Roan & Sable.

As we will be visiting in the peak of the dry season we will be blessed with wildlife that are reluctantly drawn to many of the park’s year-round water-filled waterholes. I say reluctantly, because predators use the waterholes as daily ambush sites during the driest time of the year.

The adventures already experienced & the excitement that awaits is like nothing else in Africa, I cannot wait for this!

Now before I go I'd like to thank everyone of you that had followed along our adventures in South Luangwa on Instagram, if you've missed out, follow me at; Michael.Laubscher, and join us on our adventures inn Hwange.

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Happy Snapping!


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