In The Land of Giants

I recently had the privilege of hosting a private safari to a very special place. A place that I hadn’t been back to since my honeymoon almost 4 years ago. I have come to realize that there is no such thing as a bad day on safari. However, there are also some places that excel so amazingly at the art of safari, that all you want to do is get back there.

I wasn’t given very long to plan for this safari and of course the guest who I planned this for will have a chuckle reading that but 3 weeks to plan an end of year Kenyan private safari is, for lack of better word, crazy! Not only did I have limited time to get this all together, but the safari also came with a request for the opportunity to lay down and photograph animals as often as possible. As soon as I heard those words, I started to get excited because I knew exactly where to go!

Enter, Solio Ranch and Solio lodge! What an absolute gem of a reserve and lodge. Imagine if you will, a place that has kilometers of fever tree forest with small streams and marshes crisscrossing the undergrowth. Moving away from the fever tree forest, you begin to climb out of the valley floor meandering through typical East African bush and shrub land, before reaching a series of plateaus that suddenly open up to far reaching plains of short, almost mowed grass. Indeed, one might be mistaken in thinking that there is some form of human involvement here in order to get the grass so well-manicured. Ah but then you would be mistaken.

In every corner of this incredible place there is something to observe, something to photograph and something to feel. Can you tell, I am in love?

There is more to it though, Solio is not just an impressive vista of a game reserve. It just so happens to be one of the most important and successful rhino conservation projects in the entirety of Africa. The ranch is home to not only southern white rhino but also to eastern black rhinos and is vital in the breeding of these two species. It is from this breeding project that many, many other places have been able to reintroduce these magnificent creatures to the wild, in places that they had sadly gone extinct. So not only is a rather nice place to be but its also a rather place to support!

What an honor it is, to be able to photograph wildlife and rhino in particular in such an awe-inspiring part of the world.

Look out for the forthcoming scheduled safari to this area, launching in the coming months. Otherwise, please feel free to get in contact should wish you to book your own private safari to Solio.

Until next time, happy snapping,


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