Kambaku Safari Lodge

''Welcome to a new existence in a place where legends linger. It’s a place where a piece of Africa’s living heritage has been immaculately conserved. Enter the world of this continent’s most majestic wildlife. Comprehend the word tranquillity. Our lodges are benchmarks on the map of African hospitality. Every day is an opportunity to experience travel at its most transformative''

Kambaku Safari Lodge is a lodge that I have known my whole life, as a child my mother was very involved with the lodge, so growing up I frequently got the opportunity to visit the camp.

It is set in the Southern part of the Timbavati Private Game Reserve, which is in the North Eastern section of South Africa.

The Kambaku story

''Our story begins with family. And an elephant.

Kambaku is the Tsonga word for “great tusker.” It was the name of one of Africa’s Magnificent Seven – the largest elephant bulls once found in the Kruger National Park, each with tusks weighing more than 50kg. 

Kambaku represented something more. A part of African heritage worth protecting and lodge owners Bryce and Nicola were determined to raise their two children in an environment where our wildlife could be conserved, treasured and admired by the world. 

Today, their vision has been actualized in three travel destinations – each one distinct in character and its innate sense of reverence for the natural realm. 

Here at journey’s end, we offer a close encounter of the African kind. Ours is an open door''

The lodge has 8 beautiful and luxurious suits, all positioned in a way that overlooks the waterhole in front of camp which is extremely productive, especially during the winter months - June, July and August when the vegetation is very dry and there isn't much water around the reserve.

What I really love about this camp is that from the moment you arrive you are made to feel like family, everyone greets you with a smile on their face and goes out of their way to make sure you have a memorable experience. It's a feeling that I don't often get in luxurious lodges and I think what makes this camp different is how small and intimate it is with only 8 rooms.

Being in the Southern section of the reserve is a big advantage, the Southern section seems to be a lot quieter in terms of vehicle activity around sightings, but also allows the guides to head North if there is anything else found during game drive time.

Ideally, I would suggest a minimum of 3-4 nights at Kambaku Safari Lodge to get the full Kambaku experience. It truly is a special lodge and holds a dear part of my heart having grown up in and around camp.

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