Lioness Vs Serval

I have just returned from one truly special week in Madikwe Game Reserve. It was the first safari I have hosted this year, which is crazy considering we are in November! This is obviously due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but I have to say it was such an incredible feeling to be out in the field again.

We had a number of great sightings over the week, but one stood out above the rest. I have always said to guests that we must go out with the attitude of accepting anything that the bush is willing to show us and not to force our way around looking for specific things, why do I say this? Often by driving around frantically looking for one thing we overlook a variety of other things.

Before I get carried away, back to the sighting. We were about three days into our safari and had not seen lions yet, we heard on the radio that a pride of 4 lionesses had been found about half an hour away from us, so without hesitation we headed in that direction...

Ten minutes later, we heard that the lions had moved into some dense vegetation and the guide was unable to follow. We sat there and discussed as a team what our plan was, that afternoon we had already seen a cheetah with her four cubs. Our options were to go back to the cheetah or to persist and try relocate the lions. We decided to go all in, high risk high reward and headed off in the direction of where the lions were last seen, and it didn't take us long before we spotted a lioness, they were moving through the thickets and fortunately in our direction. They seemed to be on a mission and were moving fairly quickly.

We followed them off road for a while before one of the lionesses started stalking something, she was moving straight toward us. We looked around and couldn't see any prey around us. She got to within ten meters from the vehicle when we realized she was focussed on something in the bush next to us, we all thought it was a scrub hare she had seen.

What happened next surprised us all! She leaped into the bush and out jumped a serval! The damage had already been done to the serval but for a good couple of seconds the serval gave its all against this lioness, scratching it and biting it on its nose before eventually passing away due to its injuries.

To see the video, check out the link below:

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