Maasai Culture

The man you will see below is one of the most incredible men I know.

Michael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild Eye

His Name is Dickson Sakaya and he manages the Wild Eye Mara Camp along with his team with some seen below;

Michael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild EyeMichael Laubscher - Maasai Culture, Wild Eye

I dare you, try as hard as you wish but I can assure you that you will not find more humble people in the country.

Speaking of Kenya, I have recently returned from my last week in the Masai Mara for the year and I could not have asked for a better end.

  • Incredible game viewing.
  • Great group of guests.
  • Spending a week in the best camp on the banks of the mighty Mara river.
  • and don't forget, the best time spent with my East Africa family.

I took a moment over the past weekend to sit and think about how privileged I really am to not only be able to spend so much time in the greatest game reserve on earth but more importantly, also being able to spend so much time with some of the greatest people on this earth, our East Africa staff.

Lets go back about 3 years to the first time I ever met these incredibly humble souls and not a thing has changed except me having a much deeper resect for them. Getting back to the weekend thoughts, I have never really thought of this much before but only 3 years down my Wild Eye journey have I realized how much these human beings I now call family, have changed my life. #TrulyBlessed

I cannot even begin to explain how, why, when or where because you will be reading for days. Yes, thats how incredible they are and I do hope that you all can get to meet them one day.

Over the years I have not only seen their influence in my  life but I've also seen them change the lives of every single guest that joins us in the Masai Mara. They are so pure, they happily share their raw stories and every time I hear the same story its so different. These are non scripted stories but a open and honest talk of their past and present lives.

I am a firm believer that the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people and if you take a moment not only to realize this but to also embrace this you will have a brighter outlook on life.

What I have learnt from these incredible people is that one of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself all through taking in their values of their culture.

So what is culture?

  • Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

With that said; the Maasai culture is one you need to educate yourself on and the best way to do this is by listening to them.

It will change the way you see the world!

I will leave links to videos at the end for a more true feel but please have a read through my recent Mara guest testimonials below to see how the experience changed their lives (bold text its what its truly about);

Michael was the perfect combination of friendly, approachable and insanely knowledgable and professional. His bond with the other Wild Eye team members also made the entire experience that much more memorable. In short, he was epic 100%.

- Kirsty Dunphey

Jackson was phenomenal - funny, zany and the best spotter ever!! We loved him and wanted to adopt him. He MADE our trip.

- Kirsty Dunphey

To Michael, Jackson, Dickson, Aggie, Mary, Tenkay and the entire Wild Eye team thank you for a life changing experience. I'm a city girl and you have opened up my eyes to a whole other world. Not only with the amazing animals but also with your wonderful homely hospitality. I felt like I was part of your family and wanted to take you all home to meet mine. I could not more highly recommend this trip or these human beings.

- Kirsty Dunphey

Mike is absolutely outstanding. He combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of wildlife with incredible technical photographic expertise and the patience to teach a total beginner. He's also a natural story-teller and a charming host.

- Karen Allen

Jimmy has a super-human ability to spot stalking lions that we couldn't see with our binoculars. His knowledge of individual animals is incredible. Amazing!

- Karen Allen

Thank you for creating this astonishing experience. We'll be back and are recommending you to everyone we know. A few of minor suggestions.

- Karen Allen

This is an epic, bucket-list adventure that really will change the way you see the world. Experience incredible animal encounters, build relationships with the beautiful, generous Masai people and take your photographic skills to the next level. Not to be missed!

- Karen Allen

Video Links;

I hope this inspires you all to come and meet these incredible people I am am so privileged to call family.

Until next time;

Happy Snapping.



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  1. Saurabh


    Maasai Culture is amazing. They are lucky to live in the lap of nature. Our once in a while wildlife tour is everyday routine for them

    • Michael Laubscher

      It sure is amazing! #Blessed

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