Madikwe Is A Photographic Paradise

I've recently spent some time looking back over the years. Through moments I was lucky enough to capture. A large portion of this reflection was while hosting guests at Madikwe Game Reserve. Having seen what I've seen, I can say with confidence that Madikwe is a photographic paradise.

I have traveled to many incredible places around the world. Due to this, I've been blessed with many awe-inspiring photographic opportunities. In saying that, I still believe that some of my favorite images were created in Madikwe Game Reserve.

Please feel free to scroll through the images below. These will do way more justice to the phrase 'Madikwe Is A Photographic Paradise' than my words ever will.

Madikwe Is A Photographic Paradise - Wild Eye - Michael Laubscher
Madikwe Is A Photographic Paradise - Wild Eye - Michael Laubscher

Now I'm sure these images have given you a better understanding of how prolific Madikwe is on a game viewing point of view. I do also hope that you can now agree with me when I say, Madikwe is a photographic paradise.

A visit to Madikwe is so worth it for various different reasons, I urge you to get yourself there.

Now apart from our usual Madikwe Safari's that we host every year, Wild Eye has launched a new product for those of you who wish to "travel while making a real difference". This product is the;

  • Madikwe Safari & Marataba Conservation Experience

This is an experience which extends way beyond your average safari as guests physically  take part in the immobilization and DNA sampling of a rhino in Marataba after spending 6 nights in Madikwe Game Reserve.

This is such a special offering and we would love for you to join us.

Madikwe Safari & Marataba Conservation Experience

A first of a kind safari which combines a focus on photography in Madikwe Game Reserve with an incredible opportunity for guests to contribute directly to the conservation activities in Marataba. Guests joining us for this unique safari experience will be funding both the rhino immobilization and DNA sampling as well as donating a camera trap to the Marataba team – all of this in addition to the standard conservation fees which keep both of these reserves functioning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and please feel free to reach out may you have any questions.

Until then;

Bye bye


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