Meet Daniel – Our Brand New Guide!

All of us at Wild Eye are incredibly excited to introduce our brand-new photographic guide and host, Daniel Greyvenstein!

Daniel (Danny) has been guiding for over 3 years now and has her roots firmly planted in the world of conservation and safari. Most recently, she has been working for one of our favourite lodge companies on the continent and that would be none other than Sabi Sabi. Given this information, we are very confident that Danny will hit the ground running and we can wait for you all to meet her in the field and we can't wait to see what she achieves at Wild Eye.

If you are looking to learn a whole lot more about Daniel, then please check out her Wild Eye Podcast debut with our co-founder and Podcast host, Gerry van der Walt.

Of course, this brand-new episode of the Wild Eye Podcast is available on all major podcast services, as well.

What a stunning gallery of images!

Do you have any questions for our brand new guide? Please feel free to post them below and she will get right back to you. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to reach out to her on

Lastly, please head on over to Instagram and follow Daniel, so that you can keep up with all her adventures.

Join Daniel and Wild Eye on Safari!

Click on through below and have a look at all the incredible tours Wild Eye currently have on offer. If you would like to join Daniel on Safari, them simply look out for the tours she is hosting. Feel free to email Daniel on to start planning your journey!

One thought on “Meet Daniel – Our Brand New Guide!

  1. Praveen Mutalik


    Having been with Daniel on two trips to Sabi I can tell you why you folks at wild-eye made a great hire.
    Lets talk about expectations. Daniel will exceed every expectation you have and not only get you in the right spot to get the great shot you have been looking for but much more than that her knowlege of animal behavior that she so freely imparts to the guests will leave you wanting more. The first time I was at Sabi it was just chance that she was assinged to be the guide for the group I was in. The second time around I made sure she was my guide.

    Lets talk photography. Daniel mentioned that her style was more portraits, my style is more close up trying to capture the facial expressions and eyes of the subject, the mark of a great guide, in my opinion is one that can understand your style and not let their own dominate yours, the ability to help get the best out of your guests style is a gift and Daniel has that.

    Lets talk GG. Honestly, it never crossed my mind that she was a GG. To me as I think of the term GG I think great guide. My family and I still talk about her crazy good driving skills.

    Lets talk personality, you would hard pressed to find a more friendly, dedicated, funny, caring, knowledgeable and professional guide. I started off as her guest which quickly turned into a friendship. I think her skills as a photographer, her people skills will make her a great addition to you team and to your guests.

    All the best always Daniel. Looking forward to some more trips with you and wild-eye in 2025.

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