Missing the Mara

It is another one of those incredibly difficult question. What do I look forward to the most, next year?

Or which trip do I look forward to the most. I’ll say this, there is none that I do not hungrily await to commence. I look forward to all of them with great anticipation. The great apes in February, the Sabi Sands in May, the Simien Mountains, all of them are beckoning.

There is one, though, that I think of almost daily. And that is the return to the Masai Mara. Not for the obvious reasons, though. It is not the exhilarating crossing nor the iconic Scar, Bob Marley or any other personified and iconic lions in the area.

It is sitting around the fire with Dickson and the team, telling stories, reminiscing, sipping pinotage. Listening to the night sounds. It is the inside banter that happens within our jeep when waiting for a crossing, searching for lions or checking the ridges on the way home. As professional as we may try to be, the topics tend to plunder eventually, all in the name of humor.

I would be lying if I said it had nothing to do with the wildlife, though. I certainly look forward to ambling along the river, knowing that something remarkable is happening nearby, something we might find. A sense of excitement that places of like the mara, places of such high densities of animals, are synonymous with. it is never too long before you are parked and either at awe of what’s in front of you or firing away with your camera or both.

I only hope to see you all out there later in 2021.

Andrew Danckwerts

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