My Favorite Photo of 2020 – Jono

For 8 months my soul has been imprisoned , surrounded by concrete walls , closed doors and ceilings that seemed to lower by the day.

This claustrophobic existence has caused me to feel trapped, smothered and led to a great deal of anxiety. Relationships have been tested , undoubtedly exacerbated by family , friends and colleagues also experiencing similar emotions.

The extreme uncertainty of the pandemic has resulted in a fair degree of fear and despair , but it has also created higher levels of fortitude, sincere introspection and an emotional reawakening.

But my mind and body told me I needed to escape - to place of solitude , space and tranquility.

I needed to wide open spaces of Africa . The Mara.

I arrived in my spiritual home on Wednesday , accompanied by Billy , Jimmy and Dickson. All fine men and who I have enjoyed countless special and happy memories with. It has been so refreshing to get a different perspective on the situation, especially their confidence , uncomplicated views and deep respect.

Driving through the gate into the Mara a wave of emotion came over me. It was a happy one. My anguish disappeared. Gazing across the wide open open plains of the Mara was therapy for for mind and a I felt alive.

Africa and the Mara will do that too you. Escape. Breathe the fresh air. Experience tranquility again. Take some time to get away from the chaos and trauma of our current existence. Refresh , recharge and reset.

This is my favorite photo of 2020.

I truly felt alive again. Completely at peace.


I love Africa , the Mara and the people.


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