My Favourite Image Of 2020

The various knock on effects of 2020 have been real. I thought choosing my favourite image of 2020 would be an easy task. Tell me another joke.

I was lucky enough to host three tours this year before the world wide lock down set in. Two of which were new destinations for me namely; Iceland & the Serengeti. Apart for the images I took out there, I also maximised the use of my camera gear while in lock down as I decided to push my own limits a bit.

I ventured down the line of creative photography and had also writing a blog with the hopes of inspiring others. If you wish to read this blog, please click on the link below;

We were also very blessed to have spent some time additional time out in the field this year. We had the honour of helping establishments such as, Umlani, Sabi Sabi & Tswalu with some content creation and to spite all that happened this year, my camera was put to good use.

This too has resulted is some sort of knock on effect. The difficulty of choosing my favourite image of 2020.

After spending a lot of time scrolling through this years galleries, I finally came to a conclusion.

Please allow me to now present my favourite image of 2020 with all of you;

My Favourite Image Of 2020 | Michael Laubscher | Wild Eye

Surprised? I feel that you were expecting some sort of wildlife or nature scene right?

Don't get me wrong, I love capturing moments in the natural world. This one just really stands out to me. Not only is this my favourite image of 2020 but is also one that I am most proud of.

There is a huge level of patience that comes along with wildlife or nature photography which is what makes it so rewarding but it is usually your subject doing all the work.

In this genre, “creative photography” you as the photographer need to put in so much work and/or time. Now, for me having to have set up this ‘magic moment’ (which also requires a lot of patience) makes it so much more rewarding for some reason.

Why I ask myself but do not have a clear answer. Maybe it’s a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it’s the fact that I stepped well out of my comfort zone, learnt a ton and managed to pull off some very rewarding results.

Whatever the answer might be, all I know for sure is that it is always worth pushing your limits, moving out of your comfort zone and learning something new.

Hey, you never know but you might just create your favourite image of all time if you just  give it a try.

Best of luck.


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