My favourite images of 2019

As this year is drawing to a rapid close, I took some time to show some of my favourite sightings and images for this year.

The Marsh in Amboseli is a beautiful place to photograph Elephants and this Female just posed perfectly with the setting sun.

The rainy season always brings some moody skies, the perfect opportunity to photograph Elephants with a wide angle lens

Again Amboseli offered some incredible photographic opportunities this year!

I was lucky enough to get some incredible crossings this year in the Mara, FINALLY!  :)

And the predator viewing wasn't bad either... ;)

This year I had the privilege of hosting back to back Best of Serengeti tours, spending just under a month in the diverse and game rich environment.

And then of course, you get the Kopjes of the Serengeti...  Any photographers dream!!


The majority of Southern Africa suffered from severe drought, causing many animals to die.  It did ensure that the game viewing was phenomenal though and there was no shortage of action...

One of most amazing experiences for me in 2019 was visiting the parks in central India for the very first time.  I was blown away by beauty of the jungles, the chaos in the cities and the sheer adrenaline and excitement of seeing your first Tiger in the wild.

I am truly grateful for all these amazing experiences, and none of this would have been possible without the trust of the people that travel with us, so to EVERYONE that travelled with us I am truly truly grateful.

I cannot believe this year is coming to an end, but more than that, I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store!

Till next time.


3 thoughts on “My favourite images of 2019

  1. Andrew Beck


    Some proper moments in here Johan!

  2. Johan Van Zyl


    Thanks bud, really appreciate it! Look forward to some more incredible moments in 2020!!

  3. Rob


    Amazing images Johan! Some bring back great memories ?

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