My favourite sighting of 2020

My favourite sighting of 2020 came during our last day in Ndutu where I was hosting our Best of Serengeti safari.

We had just found a den site where a Lioness was hiding her cubs, who could not have been older than a day or two. To ensure that the area doesn’t get a lot of traffic, we kept our distance from the cubs, hoping that the lioness would return to the den.  As our colleagues were making their way towards us, the spotted a female Leopard only a few hundred meters from where we were.

We decided to join them at the Leopard sighting, as the visual on the little cubs were not great, and we also wanted to give them some distance so neither mom or the cubs get stressed out.

My favorite sighting of 2020
My favourite sighting of 2020

It proved to be the best decision that we could possibly have made as this Leopard gave us an incredible show, climbing up and down trees, vocalizing and posing perfectly time and time again.  In fact it is hard to think of a better Leopard sighting that I personally have had ever.

We ended up spending the most part of the day with this female Leopard, occasionally losing visual of her as she moved through the tall vegetation, only to find her in another tree in the distance.

It will most certainly be a sighting that I will not forget anytime soon and without a doubt my favourite sighting of 2020.

Till next time.

Johan van Zyl

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