My Favourite Moment from 2020

Believe it or not I was fortunate enough to have hosted two Safaris before the world as we knew it changed and the Pandemic triggered worldwide travel restrictions. It was on one of these safaris that I identified my favourite moment.

Here it is.


Here, in the wild and remote reaches of the Republic of Congo we were completely disconnected from the world and without a shadow of a doubt 100% present in the moment.

What was that moment you ask? What were my guests photographing whilst laying flat in the shallows of the Lango Bai?


A herd of forest buffalo were relaxing in the shallows of the Bai right in front of Lango Camp. Our journey to get to this stage of the afternoon had involved an hour long kayak drift down the Lekoli River followed by a 30-40 minute walk through the gently flowing, crystal clear waters of Lango Bai.

With ice cold beers and Gin & Tonics waiting for us on the deck on arrival, the herd of forest buffalo were just the absolute cherry on top.

We sat with the relaxed herd for well over an hour as we photographed them from every conceivable angle and focal length, pausing only momentarily to savour the drinks on offer.

This trip came to an end in Brazzaville on the 24th of February and it was only then that our intrepid group of explorers realised the true extent of the privilege associated with the fact that we had visited the Odzala-Kokoua National Park in 2020.


I don't think I have ever taken any safari or experience I have enjoyed for granted but I can tell you that I have emerged with a renewed sense of appreciate for the absolute privilege that I have to visit the places that I do and share my passion for wildlife, conservation and photography with others.

Andrew Beck

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Moment from 2020

  1. Ann Nichols


    Ah Andrew thanks for posting these photos. Brought back so many wonderful memories from our trip in 2019. What an amazing place Odzala. Well worth the visit for Wild Eye clients who have never been. I would definitely go back there.

    • Andrew Beck

      Thanks so much Ann, Odzala is a real gem of a destination full of little surprises for those willing to take the time and immerse themselves in the experience and adventure.

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