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I am pleased to say that over the past few weeks, I have still been able to share my love, passion and knowledge with folk from all across the globe. How? Well I have spent a fair amount of time online with clients providing them with 'need to know' photography and Lightroom tuition.

Wild Eye recently launched this new service which allows us to help our guests with any safari, photography and/or post processing questions you may have.

As mentioned, I have helped a number of clients over the past weeks, by providing both photography and Lightroom tuition and they've all been a load of fun!

Honestly, what is not to enjoy during these highly interactive and personalised sessions? You will get to re-live your safari experiences as we will work on YOUR images and in turn improve your photography, editing skills and safari knowledge.

Excited yet?

So, how does the tuition work?

We make use of Zoom for hosting the online tuition and once you purchase your preferred bundle, you’ll receive an invite along with a meeting link for your very first session. Whilst not necessary, we would suggest downloading and installing the Zoom application to ensure that your session runs as smoothly as possible.

Do keep in mind that any bundle packages purchased in the month of June 2020 comes with an hour free. A lot can be done in an hour and so this is a deal not to miss out on!

The images you will see below are from a few online photography and Lightroom tuition sessions I have hosted.

Photography and Lightroom Tuition | Wild Eye | Tuition | Education | Michael Laubscher Photography and Lightroom Tuition | Wild Eye | Tuition | Education | Michael LaubscherBarbara HartmanPhotography and Lightroom Tuition | Wild Eye | Tuition | Education | Michael LaubscherGenevieve Schneider Photography and Lightroom Tuition | Wild Eye | Tuition | Education | Michael LaubscherYelena Dasher Photography and Lightroom Tuition | Wild Eye | Tuition | Education | Michael Laubscher

Both online photography and Lightroom tuition sessions will be recorded and this will be sent to you, allowing you to relive and refer back to the experience at your own pace.

These sessions are not only a world of fun but they will also ensure that you get the most out of your camera and/or raw images. Feel free to read a short testimonial below from a client I have helped online in the past weeks;

“I could not imagine a more productive way to spend an hour. What I love most is that the time is individually tailored and lets us focus on my own images. Mike helped bring my photos to the next level without overwhelming me with too much theory yet explaining the program in just the right dose. Additionally, I received a video of our work together which I regularly refer to when editing pictures on my own.”

- Barbara Hartmann

Apart from this incredible offering, we also have a number of informative webinars available on our You Tube channel that will also provide you with some great photography and Lightroom tuition.

With all the above mentioned, I do hope this blog has inspired you to take some time to improve you photography and/or processing skills.

I truly enjoy sharing my love, passion and knowledge with others and so if you are interested in joining me for a fun time online, please click here and secure your spot with me.

Until then;

Keep well and stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Photography and Lightroom Tuition

  1. Geraldo Allais


    Hi Michael
    I am struggling to sync my photos, so require tuition in this and maybe lightroom in general

    Many thanks

    • Michael Laubscher

      Hello Geraldo

      Thank you so much for the comment. We will gladly assist you with the tuition you enquired about.

      Please see our tuition offerings here on our website under online learning.

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