Photography Basics out in the Field

In this blog I am going to discuss the photography basics and how you can add emphasis to and set the scene for your photography. Although wildlife is largely unpredictable, there are a handful of things that we can control, most notably, our camera's settings for specific times of the day and for specific types of shots you'd like to capture. This doesn't mean that certain settings will always work, but it allows us to plan ahead, and only make minor adjustments during the heat of the moment.

Personally, there are a few things that I consider when out in the field taking photographs:

Set the Scene

•Using one image to explain the setting or the scene
•Bring out your subject
•Identify what features attracted you to the image
•Combine all elements to portray how you felt or what you saw
•Capturing a moment
•Visually describe your image
The above are bullet points to help you align your photography when out in the field to achieve the best results. They are each key points and puts you in the mindset of what you want to achieve and begins the thought process of how to achieve it. Most of the time, I find that photographers are looking for too much from a photograph, when instead you should focus on what your subject is in the photograph and go through the process of how you can best hero that subject through settings adjustments, angles and position to create the photograph you're after.
5 points to remember in wildlife photography
3 Ways to Best capture a male lion
3 Ways to Best capture a male lion
Telling a story
•Creating a story using multiple images – Beginning, middle and end
•It may be from a specific outing
•It might be a collection of images over an extended period of time
•Put the puzzle together to emphasis the story
It not always about creating the perfect photograph. To me photography is about the memories a photograph holds or the story a photograph can tell. This isn't always just through one shot, it can can be done through multiple shots to describe a single moment or a specific emotion felt. By thinking outside the box and thinking about the story, naturally your images will tell the story of what you are watching through your view finder.
5 points to remember in wildlife photography
A privileged moment

The mother of this special young leopardess

Go out with purpose
•Have images in mind
•Put thought into your image before snapping away
•Identify what you can use in your surroundings
•Don’t just focus on your subject
•Set yourself goals
•Look at past Images/learn from past images
•Look at other photographers work for inspiration
This doesn't mean go out with a specific image in mind, this means go out and try and look for different shots, look at other photographers work (don't copy them) but get ideas of the way the photographer has taken the image and how they have enhanced the subject or how they could have taken it better for a different result. Photography is all about learning, the more you know, the better it gets.
Photography basics
Photography basics
Photography basics
Low light or tough conditions
•Using silhouettes
•Radial blur
•Motion blur
•Why put your camera down? Experimenting is learning
What to do when the light starts to fade away? Well I believe that there is no such thing as a bad photograph. In low light I will admit, photography becomes a bit more challenging, but there are ways to manipulate your camera in order to experiment and test your ability, well not only test your ability, but to learn more about what your camera is capable of. Yes, you may take a bad image, but don't just delete it, understand why you don't like it, understand what you could have done differently to get a different result next time.
It really is all about learning!
Photography basics
Photography basics
How to boost you image
•The use of angles
•Identify what drew your attention to the image
•Capture the moment
•Break through your comfort zone
•Try new things, experiment and have fun
Photography basics
Photography basics
I sure hope that you found this helpful!
Until next time,

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