Planning a Custom Tour in Africa

Planning a custom tour to Africa can seem like quite a daunting task at first. Where do we go? How long do we spend in each destination? What will we see? What time of year is best? How do we get form point A to point B? What are the country specific entry requirements? Where and when do we get our PCR tests done?

Our team of experienced travel consultants have been hard at work assisting guests from around the world successfully navigate the current travel restrictions as they answer the call return to the peace and tranquillity of Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa over the last 6 months.

We've got your back from the very first phase of planning, right the way through to that final sunset and the return journey home.Now more than ever, its important to partner with the right people on the ground to ensure that your itinerary runs smoothly and without any hiccups.

Our team of experienced tour planners will work with you to build a custom travel plan tailored to the destinations you would like to visit, the amount of time you’d like to travel for, your group size and of course, your budget.


What is a custom tour?

Whilst there are many great examples of travel itineraries which generally combine the most popular attractions in a region, there will never be a package which has the ideal duration, combination of destinations or price that suits everyone. We will work with you to customize everything from the price and level of accommodation, to the destination and areas to visit in order to maximize the potential to see and experience as much as possible.


How it works?

It's pretty simple really, all we need to get the ball rolling is a little bit of information form you around your needs and wants. The Enquire Now button at the top right corner of this page contains some of the most important questions we need answered in order to start formulating an idea of what sort of areas and camps would best suite your needs. One of our experienced and friendly consultants will then reach out to you with some initial suggestions and work closely with you to refine the itinerary to suite your specific needs.

What exactly is the difference between a custom tour and a scheduled safari?

You may have noticed that we have a number of scheduled tours on offer. These are set departures which:

  • Run over predetermined dates (carefully chosen to provide guests with the best possible experience)
  • Cater for between 3 and 12 guests per departure
  • Are hosted by a Wild Eye Tour and Expedition leader
  • Provide guests with photographic tuition and guidance as part of the safari package
  • Are mostly costed on a single basis (1 guest in their own room)

A custom tour on the other hand gives you complete flexibility over the camps, time spent in a particular area, travel dates and is not hosted by one of our guides. However, if you like the idea of having the flexibility of travel dates and destinations and would like to have one of our guides accompany you on your safari, this would be considered a Private Guided Safari Experience.

When booking with us guests enjoy the following benefits:

  • Important travel documents, E-Tickets, day-by-day itinerary and weather forecasts are all accessible on your phone via our app
  • From the moment you start planning your private safari until you say goodbye I will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your nature and wildlife experience
  • Whether you are traveling to different destinations or you are returning for a second or third safari the continuity from centralising all of your travel plans ensures that your safari runs smoothly from start to finish
  • We will work with you to customise everything from the level of accommodation to the destination and areas to visit in order to maximise the potential to see and experience as much as possible

Who will benefit from a custom tour?

Custom tours are ideal for guests who have little or no interest in photography, prefer not to travel within a group, and prefer to have more flexibility in general. Couple this with the vast experience, support and expansive network of our team and you simply cannot go wrong!

Why are our guests selecting a custom tour?

We generally have two types of travellers making use of our Custom Tour services.

The first are those who have chosen to begin their adventure one of our scheduled tours, extending their time on safari by combining this with a custom tour. One point of contact throughout the planning phases, one point of payment and most importantly, one point of contact should you ever have any questions or experience any difficulties during your travels.

The second are those who have little or no interest in photography but want to draw on our vast, first hand experience and supplier network in order to ensure that they experience the very best that Africa has to offer.

Don't Take Our Word For It,  Hear What Our Customers Say...

We exist to change the way that people see the world, here's what one of our guests had to say about our service in a recent TripAdvisor Review titled " Absolutely Stellar Service:

If you thought you could only rely on Wild Eye when you're traveling with one of their guides, think again. Due to the Covid crisis, a Wild Eye trip I was meant to take wasn't possible, so Xander and the Wild Eye staff, with only about 2 months' notice, helped me plan an incredible experience in Tanzania


I'm the person who prides herself on trip planning and actually enjoys doing it, but Wild Eye's expertise and connections made a trip possible that I would have been exceedingly hard pressed to duplicate on my own. I don't know if I was the most annoying client Xander has dealt with, but I do know I had tons of questions and, especially given the complexity of travel right now, tons of need for reassurance, and he not only took it in stride, he was incredibly game about it.

Much like Wild Eye was the first organized trip I ever took and it changed the way I think about organized trips, Wild Eye is not the first travel assistance I've ever availed myself of...and it's changed the way I think about that.

My interactions with this company have been nothing short of exemplary, and if that's their strategy for repeat customers, well IT WORKS! Can't wait for my two trips in 2021 and for the ones that will come after that."

Start Planning Your Dream Vacation

All we need to get the ball rolling is a little bit of information from you around your needs and wants. Our smart enquiry form contains some of the most important questions we need answered in order to start formulating an idea of what sort of areas and camps would best suit your needs. One of our experienced and friendly consultants will then reach out to you with some initial suggestions and work closely with you to refine the itinerary to suit your specific needs.

The Royal South African Safari

This is the perfect combination of luxury hotels and Lodges in iconic South African destinations. From the vast open plains of the Kalahari to the Mother city, Cape Town and ending in the Greater Kruger National Park. These 15 nights will take your breath away and you will experience the best South Africa has to offer.

16 Days

Xander's Ultimate Zimbabwe

One of Africa’s top national parks, Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe’s northwest should be on any safari lover’s bucket list. Roaming Hwange’s savanna grasslands and woodlands are the Big Five and 100 other species of mammals – the park has the biggest diversity of mammals out of the world’s national parks.

10 Days

Lion Sands & Cape Town Escape

The collection of Lion Sands lodges,set along the banks of the perennial Sabie River, each have breath-taking views which are all the better appreciated from the comfort of African contemporary luxury. Ending off in the mothercity, Cape Town this is the best of South Africa in six nights.

7 Days

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