Processing 27 guest images from Iceland

If you have some time and you want some ideas for your own image processing and some inspiration then don't worry.  I've got you covered.

In the video below I process 27 guest images from Iceland.  You see, we were nice and busy on the tour and, as with any other tour, I'd much rather have my guests out in the field photographing and experience the places we visit, than sit behind a computer.  We can always meet for a Zoom or call and talk through processing afterwards.

So, I asked all the guests to send me some images and I then worked through all these files in order to answer questions that were asked on the tour, show techniques I mentioned and also give some tips and tricks as to how to edit certain images.

Even if you've never been to Iceland I am pretty sure you will find some value and the way you think about your own images, photography and processing.

If you have any follow up questions please let me know and I'd be glad to create more video tutorials to help.

Happy processing, stay safe and don't forget to be awesome.


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