Star photography

In this blog, I am going to be covering some point-form basics of what you need to do and what keep in mind when attempting to photograph the night sky.

Star photography

Thinks to keep in mind:

  • Phase of the moon (the darker the night sky the better)
  • What time the moon is rising/setting (as above)
  • Cloud cover
  • Ambient light (avoid areas where light pollution may be a hindrance)
  • Direction you want to shoot (as above)
The Basics
What you will need:
• DSLR Camera
• Wide angle lens – The wider the better – Anything wider than 35mm
• A small torch – To paint subjects e.g.  Trees
• Headlamp
• Tripod
• Remote – Not essential as self timer works just as well


  • Manual mode: Allows full control
  • Shutter speed: 20 -25 sec, on the camera it will look like this 20’’
  • ISO: Anything between 1600 – 3200 Depending on equipment setup
  • Aperture: As low as possible for example 2.8 to allow more light intake.
  • Manual focus
  • Live view: Helps with focus and composition
  • Remember to put ISO noise reduction ON

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Some Helpful tips:

  • Use live view and zoom in 10x on the brightest star to find sharp focus.
  • Boost ISO to 12800 with a shutterspeed of 6’’ for a quick and easy way to find best composition
  • Use portrait to include as much of the sky as possible
  • Always try to compose the image with some sort of landmark to give the image perspective
  • Play

Star Trails

  • Find celestial south(not essential)
  • Use high ISO and short Shutter speed to compose
  • Look for landmarks to include in the image
  • ISO 100
  • F2.8
  • Leave shutter open for between 30 – 40 minutes
  • Alternative is to use starstax app






I hope you find the above useful and are able to get out there and put your new skillset to the test!

Until next time,


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  1. Elena Hanakova


    good tips even for somebody who is doing astro-photography

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