My favourite sighting of 2020

My favourite sighting of 2020 came during our last day in Ndutu where I was hosting our Best of Serengeti safari. We had just found a den site where a Lioness was hiding her cubs, who could not have been older than a day or two. To ensure that the area doesn’t get a lot of [...]

The trip I look forward to most in 2021…

It is always hard to pick a favourite, but the trip I look forward to most in 2021 is Madagascar. This magnificent island which is the fourth largest in the world, is situated off the southeast coast of Africa, and plays home to large variety of different animals. Having personally only been to the coastline [...]

My favourite image of 2020

My favourite image of 2020 just happened to be during my first and only safari for the year. I was fortunate enough to get 4 weeks of safari in the Serengeti before the world changed and South Africa went into lockdown. During the 4 weeks in the Serengeti we had a huge amount of rain, [...]

South Luangwa – The Valley of the Leopard

Experts have dubbed South Luangwa to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa, including some of the highest densities of hippo and leopard. The Luangwa River is the most […]

Duma Tau Camp – A Gem in Botswana

Duma Tau, meaning ‘roar of the lion’ is a luxury tented camp situated in northern Botswana’s Linyanti Concession. I had the privilege of working as the manager of this beautiful camp for a couple of years. Botswana is without a doubt one of the premier safari destinations in Africa, most famous for the Okavango Delta, […]

African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves or Cape hunting dog, are one of Africa’s most endangered predators. Description The African wild dog is unmistakeable among the medium-sized carnivores.  Characteristic features are the large rounded ears, long legs, bushy, broadly white tipped tails and the shaggy coats with blotches of black, yellow and white. […]

How much planning goes into your photography?

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but how much planning actually goes into your photography? Over the past few years I have found myself focussing more on certain elements in my photography, usually working towards a certain goal per destination. It is so easy to get into a rut with your own […]

Tswalu Kalahari – A dream destination

Situated in South Africa’s Northern Cape, lies one of the most unspoilt pieces of land and the largest private game reserve in Africa, Tswalu Kalahari In Setswana, Tswalu means a ‘new beginning’ and the aim is to deliver exactly that: a fresh era of hope for the people and wildlife of one of South Africa’s […]

Day Dreaming of the spectacular Ndutu

Over the past few days I have been day dreaming about Ndutu… It is no secret that East Africa has a very special place in my heart.  The vast open plains with endless views combined with the huge numbers of wildlife that there is to be seen, makes it a destination that should be on […]

Understanding Visual energy

Understanding the visual energy in a frame will dramatically change the look and feel of your wildlife images. It is important to, when looking at a particular scene, understand how the energy is flowing and how you would like your viewers eyes to move through the frame. There are a couple of ways that you […]

Understanding metering modes in Wildlife Photography

Understanding the different metering modes in wildlife photography, and knowing what each mode does, will greatly assist you in your photography. Metering modes are key tools in photography, contributing to the exposure of your image. There are a number of different metering modes, each of which will give you a different exposure on your overall […]

Photographing Wildlife at night

Photographing wildlife at night is a unique experience, but, is a possibility in most Southern African Reserves, where night drives are permitted. I will be the first to admit however, that I am not a huge fan of night drives.  Personally I feel that this should be a time when wildlife should be left alone […]

Incredible memories of a Leopard in the Masai Mara

It was July in the Mara Triangle, and our Wild Eye Mara Camp had just opened for a new season of unforgettable safaris. After enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee around the fire with Dickson and the team, my guests and I set off as the sun was peaking through some dense cloud cover, […]

Different Seasons on Safari

Different seasons on Safari can give you totally different experiences, many of which a lot of people are not aware of. In short, there is no bad time to be on safari, but certain areas tend to peak at different time of the year. Here is a breakdown on which places might be best to […]

Nothing Beats Natural Light

Natural light is without a doubt one of the strongest elements to a good wildlife image. It is also often one of the hardest elements to get right when it comes to wildlife photography.  When dealing with animals in their natural environment, having all the elements required to make for a strong wildlife image, can […]

The Aardvark

The Aardvark is considered by many to be one of the holy grails when it comes to wildlife sightings in Africa. These incredibly strange looking nocturnal animals are rarely seen on safari.  So rare in fact that very few people coming on safari have even heard about an Aardvark. Here is some information to introduce [...]

Creating Panoramas in Wildlife Photography

Creating panoramas in Wildlife Photography is not something that jumps to mind for many photographers when out in the field. Panoramas have largely been associated with landscape photographers, using it to create breathtaking images of spectacular scenes. I have however, during the past couple of years, thoroughly enjoyed creating panoramas whilst photographing wildlife, with some [...]

African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dogs, also known as Cape Hunting Dogs or Painted Wolf is not often known by many visitors coming to Africa for the first time. Is this because so much has been made of the "Big 5" that other rare species are not necessarily the main focus?  Or maybe certain species have been given [...]

Leopards in Trees – Moments to Look out For

Photographing leopards in trees is without a doubt near the top of any wildlife photographers wish list. Whether you are a photographer or general safari enthusiast, there is something about these spectacularly beautiful creatures that captures our fascination. Leopards have the incredible ability to climb trees, often using them as a location to store their […]

A Month in the Serengeti

The Serengeti as a destination brings visitors from all over the world each year, photographers and safari enthusiasts alike. I recently had the privilege of spending an entire month in Tanzania, visiting not only the incredible Serengeti, but other unique parks in Tanzania, each offering something unique and different. Our typical 12 night Best of […]

Best of Madagascar

The Best of Madagascar Tour takes us to some of the most sought after destinations in Madagascar. Madagascar is without a doubt a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature photographers, offering some incredible diversity, both from a landscape and wildlife point of view Lemurs, baobabs, rainforests and deserts – few places on Earth offer such […]