Photo Safari vs Photo Workshop – What is the difference?

What is the difference between a Photo Safari and a Photo Workshop you might ask? They sound fairly similar don't they? Well, whilst both types of tours contain the word 'photo', there are indeed a number differences between a standard photo safari and a photography workshop. This blog aims to address these differences, in addition [...]

The best places in Africa to photograph African Wild Dogs

A question that comes around quite often is what are the best places in Africa to photograph African Wild Dogs? Personally I've been very fortunate to travel extensively throughout Africa and wild dogs just happen to my favourite animal to photograph, so I thought I would share with all of you what I feel the [...]

Mana Pools and Lower Zambezi – How do they compare?

Mana Pools and Lower Zambezi - how they compare, being on opposite sides of the Zambezi river? The Zambezi River.  The 4th longest river in Africa, forming the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.  This mighty body of water is a haven for wildlife on both sides of the border.   On opposite sides of the [...]

The 2021 Masai Mara Top 100

The Mara Top 100 is a blog post that we include every year to not only reflect on the season in the Masai Mara, but also to showcase the incredible diversity and sightings that this park has to offer. This year was extra special for all of us at Wild Eye, having not being able [...]

South Luangwa truly is the Valley of Leopards

South Luangwa is the valley of leopards, of that there is little doubt.  Having just returned from two weeks in a piece of paradise, it once again reminded me why I love South Luangwa so much. South Luangwa was initially established in 1904 with British conservationist Norman Carr being extremely influential in setting up the [...]

Combining the Northern Serengeti with the Masai Mara

Combining the Northern Serengeti with the Masai Mara literally gives you the best of both worlds.  The combination allows you to witness the Great Migration from two different perspectives and also maximises your opportunity to spend time with the migratory herds. This was the first year that we have offered this exciting combo and my [...]

Returning to Uganda

Returning to Uganda has been something I have personally been looking forward to for many, many years. Having spent a significant amount of time during my teenage years exploring what is known as the Pearl of Africa, my excitement levels were through the roof when I boarded the flight to Entebbe. Returning to Uganda was [...]

Private Mana Pools and Tswalu Experience

A Private Mana Pools and Tswalu experience combines two of the most iconic and unique parks in Southern Africa. The walking experience you get in Mana Pools is unmatched to any other destination in Africa and gives you the unique ability to view and photograph potentially dangerous game on foot. One of the main attractions [...]

Three Destinations I can’t wait to return to in the next year

With travel starting to open up, I wanted to let you in one three destinations I can't wait to return to in the next year. After a lot of thinking, here are the three that I am most looking forward to... 1.  The Mara Season It is no secret that the Mara season makes up [...]

Why the best time to travel is now

When is the best time to travel? It has been just over a year since the "normal" world as we have come to know it has changed dramatically.  Overnight travel restrictions were put in place, and many experiences that we have come to love, became impossible. Fast forward one year and there seems to be [...]

The Green Season on Safari

The Green season on safari is seen by many as a time to avoid game viewing destinations, given the fact that the vegetation is quite dense and the possibility of rain is ever present. Last week some of the Wild Eye team went on an assignment to Simbambili, situated in the Northern Sabi Sands and [...]

My favourite sighting of 2020

My favourite sighting of 2020 came during our last day in Ndutu where I was hosting our Best of Serengeti safari. We had just found a den site where a Lioness was hiding her cubs, who could not have been older than a day or two. To ensure that the area doesn’t get a lot of [...]

The trip I look forward to most in 2021…

It is always hard to pick a favourite, but the trip I look forward to most in 2021 is Madagascar. This magnificent island which is the fourth largest in the world, is situated off the southeast coast of Africa, and plays home to large variety of different animals. Having personally only been to the coastline [...]

My favourite image of 2020

My favourite image of 2020 just happened to be during my first and only safari for the year. I was fortunate enough to get 4 weeks of safari in the Serengeti before the world changed and South Africa went into lockdown. During the 4 weeks in the Serengeti we had a huge amount of rain, [...]

South Luangwa – The Valley of the Leopard

Experts have dubbed South Luangwa to be one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of animals around the Luangwa River, and its oxbow lagoons, is among the most intense in Africa, including some of the highest densities of hippo and leopard. The Luangwa River is the most […]

Duma Tau Camp – A Gem in Botswana

Duma Tau, meaning ‘roar of the lion’ is a luxury tented camp situated in northern Botswana’s Linyanti Concession. I had the privilege of working as the manager of this beautiful camp for a couple of years. Botswana is without a doubt one of the premier safari destinations in Africa, most famous for the Okavango Delta, […]

African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs, also known as painted wolves or Cape hunting dog, are one of Africa’s most endangered predators. Description The African wild dog is unmistakeable among the medium-sized carnivores.  Characteristic features are the large rounded ears, long legs, bushy, broadly white tipped tails and the shaggy coats with blotches of black, yellow and white. […]

How much planning goes into your photography?

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but how much planning actually goes into your photography? Over the past few years I have found myself focussing more on certain elements in my photography, usually working towards a certain goal per destination. It is so easy to get into a rut with your own […]

Tswalu Kalahari – A dream destination

Situated in South Africa’s Northern Cape, lies one of the most unspoilt pieces of land and the largest private game reserve in Africa, Tswalu Kalahari In Setswana, Tswalu means a ‘new beginning’ and the aim is to deliver exactly that: a fresh era of hope for the people and wildlife of one of South Africa’s […]

Day Dreaming of the spectacular Ndutu

Over the past few days I have been day dreaming about Ndutu… It is no secret that East Africa has a very special place in my heart.  The vast open plains with endless views combined with the huge numbers of wildlife that there is to be seen, makes it a destination that should be on […]

Understanding Visual energy

Understanding the visual energy in a frame will dramatically change the look and feel of your wildlife images. It is important to, when looking at a particular scene, understand how the energy is flowing and how you would like your viewers eyes to move through the frame. There are a couple of ways that you […]