Northern Serengeti Migration Safari

The Northern Serengeti Migration Safari gives you the opportunity to witness of the greatest wildlife spectacle on the planet, the Great Migration. Each year, almost two million wildebeest and 20 000 plains game migrate from Tanzania’s Serengeti to the south of Kenya’s Masai Mara in search of lush grazing grounds and life-giving water. This treacherous journey is […]

South Luangwa and Mana Pools Safari

The South Luangwa and Mana Pools Safari offers you the opportunity to experience the very best that Southern Africa has to offer. The incredible game viewing in South Luangwa,  combined with arguably the best walking safari experience in Mana Pools, this Safari is a must for any photography or safari enthusiast. South Luangwa National Park […]

Your Wildlife Images Reviewed | Episode 3

In the “Your Wildlife Images reviewed” series we look at edited wildlife images sent through by guests and followers of Wild Eye. Our Wild Eye Team will look at your processed images and give constructive feedback on the images and any further edits that could be considered to improve the image. In this series you […]

The Best of Serengeti Safari

It is hard to think of another destination that can compete with the Serengeti from a density of animal numbers point of view. The Serengeti is an absolute haven for wildlife, from grazers to browsers and predators it is a wildlife oasis. The Serengeti is a name firmly embedded within the safari culture of both days […]

Your Wildlife Images Reviewed | Episode 2

In the “Your Wildlife Images reviewed” series we look at edited wildlife images sent through by guests and followers of Wild Eye. Our Wild Eye Team will look at your processed images and give constructive feedback on the images and any further edits that could be considered to improve the image. In this series you […]

Places We Love: Kaingo Camp | South Luangwa National Park | Zambia

Kaingo Camp was built in 1992 and is Shenton Safaris’ flagship camp. Here, six chalets sit idyllically along the Luangwa River. Kaingo is designed simply, to make you feel at home in the bush and to offer you a chance to get close on safari the Shenton family way. Kaingo Camp means Leopard in the [...]

3 mistakes you SHOULDN’T make on Safari

Safaris are without a doubt incredible to experience and can be life changing. Here are some of the mistakes that you shouldn't make on your Safari experience. 1.  Have unrealistic expectations With social media being part of our daily lives, we are constantly flooded with incredible wildlife images one after another.  Although these images are [...]

My favourite images of 2019

As this year is drawing to a rapid close, I took some time to show some of my favourite sightings and images for this year. The Marsh in Amboseli is a beautiful place to photograph Elephants and this Female just posed perfectly with the setting sun. The rainy season always brings some moody skies, the perfect [...]

South Luangwa… A destination that will steal your heart and touch your soul

It's no secret anymore, South Luangwa has without a doubt become one of my favourite Safari destinations, if not my favourite. A few week ago I had the privilege of once again visiting the magnificent Park, also known as "The Valley of the Leopards". During this trip we spent 8 days in total at two [...]

48 hours with Savute’s Mega Pride

Since watching the fascinating documentary “Africa’s Giant Killers” I have wanted to view and spend time with Savute’s Mega Pride. This incredibly powerful pride consists of 29 individual Lions, ranging from young Cubs to adult Lionesses, from young Males who’s manes are just developing to big black maned Lions. During this documentary they focus on […]

Tech vs Creativity

This is a discussion that always comes up at some point during a photographic safari, how important is it to stay on top of the latest and greatest cameras & lenses and how big a part does your creativity play in your photographic journey? Personally I don’t believe that a newer camera will automatically result […]

Creating a diverse portfolio

One of the things that a lot of photographers struggle with, is to create a diverse portfolio. So many time either travelling to the same destination numerous times or photographing a particular subject the same way over and over again, photographers can often fall into the trap of doing the same thing time and time [...]

The best 2 weeks I’ve had in the Mara to date

I often find it fascinating that people are hesitant in visiting the same destination twice. Every single Safari and experience is different and unique, no matter how many times you’ve visited the particular destination. The Masai Mara is a destination that we are privileged enough to visit every year, sometimes even 3 or 4 times […]

Some highlights from Mana Pools and Hwange 24 July – 3 August 2019

As the winter months are slowly but surely coming to an end, the vegetation across most of Southern Africa is getting drier and drier.  Recently I had the privilege of visiting both Mana Pools and Hwange National Park and since they have had a very bad summer rainfall (usually between November and March) conditions were [...]

Trip Report: Masai Mara 7-13 July 2019

We have been building up to the Mara season for the last couple of months so naturally I was extremely excited to return to what has become our second home. Having visited the Mara last year around the same time, the expectations were that the Wildebeests would not be close to the Mara Triangle just [...]

Excitement As The 2019 Mara Season Is Approaching

If you've been following the Wild Eye journey for a while, you will know that the Masai Mara is not only a special place in our hearts, but has become a big part of our business. For the first 6 years of us running safaris in the Mara Triangle, mainly during the migration period, we [...]

3 Ways to Maximise Your Safari Experience

For many, a Safari is a once in a lifetime experience, some of whom have waited their entire lives for a week or two’s holiday.  There are many things to consider when booking your ultimate adventure, but here are 3 ways you can maximise your life changing experience. 1.  Minimise Your Expectation It is so […]

Are Photographers taking it too far??

With social media becoming part of our daily lives and with Wildlife images flooding the social scene, are photographers putting themselves under pressure to stand out from the crowd and in turn impacting wildlife in a negative way? Now this might be a very controversial topic, but here are a few issues that I have […]

Trip report: South Luangwa Photo Safari 1-8 October 2018

As nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts we are constantly looking for new adventures and destinations.  Destinations that will take your breath away.  Places that are wild, undisturbed and still fairly unspoilt and exclusive.  South Luangwa is one of those places. During the first week of October, three guests and myself travelled to South Luangwa, spending […]

It’s all about the eyes

There are many contributing factors that make a good wildlife image a great one.  The light, the subject, the background and for me one of the most important factors are the eyes. Often when filtering through a particular scene or sighting you will immediately notice that the images that have your subject’s eyes open are […]

Adopting the SAFE mode in Wildlife Photography

Have you recently started your photographic journey and found it tough to know where to start? Heard all these technical terms such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed etc but no idea what it is? GREAT!  This will help you! On a recent Privately Guided safari I hosted to Madikwe Game Reserve, Hwange National Park and […]