What’s In My Bag: Mana Pools and Kanga Camp

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Mana Pools National Park, where the heartbeat of the wild echoes through the rustling leaves and the meandering Zambezi River weaves a tale of untouched beauty. Nestled in the northernmost reaches of Zimbabwe, this UNESCO World Heritage Site invites you to embark on a safari adventure like no other. [...]

10 Facts: Elephants

Welcome to the magnificent world of African elephants – the gentle giants with ears so big, you'll wonder if they've tuned into the latest gossip on the savannah radio! These large animals are the four-legged superstars of the African landscape, boasting impressive trunks, a love for mud baths, and a memory that puts your smartphone [...]

What Safaris am I leading in 2024?

As 2023 comes to an end, I find myself reflecting, reminiscing on the past year, but also looking at 2024 and the safaris to come next year and what makes them so special.. It is an exploration into the untamed, where the boundaries of familiarity dissolve, and the wild reveals its secrets in a mesmerizing [...]

My 5 Favourite Images 0f 2023 and Why

As we come to the end of 2023, I thought I would share 5 of my favourite images with all of you. They may not be my best images, but each image holds a special memory and I want to share the story behind each image and why it is a highlight for me. Looking [...]

Amboseli and Masai Mara Safari Trip Report 2023

What an incredible combination to end off my safaris for the year. Amboseli and the Masai Mara is a combined safari that offers you the vast landscapes of East Africa that come alive in an extraordinary journey from the iconic Amboseli National Park to the legendary Masai Mara, concluding in the pristine wilderness of the [...]

Best of Botswana Trip Report 2023

I have just made my way back from a very special safari to Botswana. During this safari we visited Moremi for 3 nights, Khwai for 3 nights, Savuti for 3 nights and ended off on the Chobe Princess houseboat for our final 3 nights of the safari. The safari stared in Maun, where we all [...]

A Memorable Private Safari to Amboseli and Lake Nakuru

I have just returned from hosting a very special private safari to Amboseli and Lake Nakuru. Combining these two destinations is an absolute winner and from a photographic point of view, it allows one to create a rich and diverse portfolio of images. Along with that, to be able to spend time in these areas [...]

Behind The Frame: Mara Leopard

In this episode of Behind The Frame, Trevor talks us through the importance of shooting in raw and the ability to fix errors we have made out in the field in post processing. There are many advantages to shooting in RAW, the biggest advantage is that it is a large file that can be manipulated [...]

Behind The Frame: India Spotted Deer

In this episode of Behind the Frame, Trevor takes us back to his trip last year in April to India and shows us how he edits a beautiful shot of two spotted deer standing in symmetry in the beautiful meadows of Kahna National Park I hope that you all enjoyed this episode of Behind The [...]

Behind the Frame: Chimpanzee in Uganda

In this episode of Behind The Frame, I shares with us how he edits one of his favourite images from Uganda on the Best of Uganda Safari he hosted in June of last year. Not every image you take can be converted into black and white so I thought I would share my thoughts and [...]

Madikwe Trip Report: 26 May 2023 – 01 June 2023

I have just returned from an incredible week at Nkurru Lodge in Madikwe. Nestled in the North West Province of South Africa, Madikwe Game Reserve offers a wilderness sanctuary like no other. Here, wildlife thrives, and the landscape paints a stunning backdrop for your safari experience. Throughout our stay in Madikwe, we were immersed in [...]

Returning To Magical Madikwe

Some information about Madikwe Game Reserve and the beautiful Nkurru Lodge that we use... Nkurru Lodge, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the breathtaking Madikwe Game Reserve. As you embark on an unforgettable safari experience, Nkurru Lodge invites you to immerse yourself in this incredible wilderness area and encounter the majestic wildlife that [...]

Behind The Frame: A Portrait of a Male Lion taken at Sabi Sabi Last year

In this episode in the Behind The Frame series, Trevor McCall-Peat shares a lightroom edit of an image of a male lion captured at Sabi Sabi Last year while hosting a Private safari in October 2022. Sabi Sabi is very well know for its big cat activity, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve borders the Sabi [...]

Photographing Gorillas and Chimpanzees

When you go on a normal safari in Africa you stand the chance of seeing and photographing around 20 mammals during your time in the field.  As awesome as this is it can be overwhelming to head out on drive without a clear photographic goal in mind. The way you would, for example, approach a [...]

Rental Gear Recommendations For Uganda

Having visited Uganda on a number of occasions, I have had the privilege to use a variety of gear. In the past I have hosted the Best Of Uganda Safari, and the three different places we visit is Kibale, to photograph the Chimpanzees, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi impenetrable forest, to photograph the Gorillas. [...]

Think Outside the Box

The purpose of photography can vary depending on the context and the goals of the photographer. Some common purposes of photography include: Capturing memories: Photography is often used to document personal or historical events, such as family vacations, wildlife, weddings, or important moments in history. Artistic expression: Photography can be a form of artistic expression, [...]

Rental Gear Recommendations For The Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is and extremely diverse area with a variety of different photographic opportunities, from predator and general game activity to the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth, the great migration. In these two videos, Michael Laubscher and Michael Applesamy discuss their ideal set up using Canon and Nikon gear in the Masai Mara to [...]

Basics Behind Spotlight Photography

This is a topic that always has plenty of discussions around it. On my recent safari my guests and I discussed it, how to use the spotlight to your advantage, what the camera settings should be and how to manipulate your camera in different situations while using a spotlight to get the best results. For [...]

A Memorable Moment In Mana Pools

A couple of years back, I went on holiday to Mana pools with my wife and two close friends. This was during the time that I was still working at Londolozi. After hearing some of the other individual’s stories about Mana Pools, it didn’t take much to persuade us to make the journey to Mana [...]

Wild Eye Rental Gear

Wild Eye Rental Gear Over the past years, Wild Eye has developed quite the diverse range of camera gear to rent out to all our guests who travel with us. We have quite a variety of Nikon and Canon DSLR's, recently adding 3 mirrorless R6 Canon bodies with adaptors and the new RF 100mm - [...]

Converting An Image into Black and White

Do you struggle to decide when to convert an image from colour to black and white? Or even struggle with why would you even want to in the first place? In this blog, I'm going to tackle this very topic and walk you through my own way of thinking when I approach each image. What [...]