Wild Eye Rental Gear

Wild Eye Rental Gear Over the past years, Wild Eye has developed quite the diverse range of camera gear to rent out to all our guests who travel with us. We have quite a variety of Nikon and Canon DSLR's, recently adding 3 mirrorless R6 Canon bodies with adaptors and the new RF 100mm - [...]

Converting An Image into Black and White

Do you struggle to decide when to convert an image from colour to black and white? Or even struggle with why would you even want to in the first place? In this blog, I'm going to tackle this very topic and walk you through my own way of thinking when I approach each image. What [...]

Shooting RAW vs JPEG

Raw and JPEG are two common image file formats used in digital photography. Raw: Raw images are unprocessed data directly from the camera's image sensor. They contain more information and provide more flexibility for post-processing. Raw files have larger file sizes and require specialized software for viewing and editing. JPEG: JPEG images are processed and [...]