What is a Scheduled Photo Tour?

At Wild-Eye we believe that traveling on safari should be based entirely on your specific interests. We therefore offer three very distinct types of tours based on your requirements, the most popular of which are our Scheduled Tours. So, what is a Scheduled Photo Tour? Unlike our Custom, or Private Guided Tours - which, as the [...]

Wild Eye Private Guided Tours

So you love nature and wildlife, travel and safari, adventure and experience. You also love exclusivity, a premium experience that is catered to your specific needs. You don’t mind spending time in the company of others but when it comes to your safari travel experience you want to be able to get the most from […]

Mara Top 100 Images 2019 – Guide’s Edition

With the 2019 Mara Season having come to an end, it is time to reflect on some of the incredible sightings and images our Guides managed to capture during the 2019 Mara Season. These 100 Masai Mara images in this blog were taken over a 18 week period, with the majority of the images being [...]