Masai Mara Off Peak

Michael Laubscher has a certain something about him that's hard to describe in words. Is he infinitely knowledgeable about Kenyan countryside and animal life? Absolutely. Can he fix your camera issues and give you a tutorial that makes you a much better photographer with one arm tied behind his back blindfolded? Undoubtedly. But are those the most memorable things I took away about our experience with him? They are not. What made our experience with Wild Eye and specifically having Michael as our tour leader were his interactions with our group on a personal level. We are an eclectic yet close knit pack from many cultural backgrounds with many large personalities. He effortlessly blended into our group from day one to the point where we did in fact offer to adopt him at the end of our trip. But in the most beautiful synchronicity it was his relationships with the Kenyan members of the Wild Eye crew in our camp and driving our vehicles that really opened up those human beings to our hearts as well.

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